Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meet Real Free-Range Eggs

Happy Thursday!  SO glad to report that my feed is working again, after troubleshooting it for 8 days!  Today Blogger Help forum told us to remove our location tags which I had cleverly started adding 2 weeks ago, hoping to help my geo-targeting.(cough), like I really know what that means!   Today a quickie post about FREE RANGE chickens, how good they are!  Meanwhile, little Lucy is holding her own, just loving all the attention we are giving to her, the lone pullet.  Don't know Lucy?   Meet her here!

Meet Real Free-Range Eggs: "

So, I bid you adieu, fair reader!
Today I am busy with untold amounts of errands and getting Casey ready for summer youth camp, and fixing my vacuum cleaner cord, and all those fun mommy things!  More later, promise!



Sarah said...

Mmm ok, I'm definitely trying to eat healthier so this might be the best way! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Me too, Sarah!
My garden didn't do so well this year, and most of our chickens got killed, but I will NOT be

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