For me, inspiration comes from many many sources.
The wind, for example.
It inspires me like the ocean used to.......
Don't misunderstand me.  I live 90 miles from the nearest
uh....."coastline" if you will.  I never would call it an ocean, but a
Gulf Coastline.   So the ocean does really inspire me, but I have not
laid eyes on it for 1, 2, 3, maybe 4 or more years...sniff sniff SNIFFFF...
If you listen, it can sound like thundering, crashing waves,
Or light, effervescent sea foam, sparkling on the sand.

Here, you can listen to some real ocean waves, here: a great move, by the way!
This story greatly encouraged me!

Often times, God speaks to us on the whisper of the wind......
Jesus said, "You hear the wind, the sound thereof, but you do not know the source;
where it comes from, nor where it goes.   So is everyone born by the Spirit of God".

All my life I have loved gardens.   Seriously, it is my favorite place to be apart from
church, or the sea.   Since the Sea and I  have been separated for so long, I take solace in my garden.
Here are my irises blooming at the end of winter.....

Here are some beautiful garden pictures of the JW Marriott gardens from our
trip to Bangdok, 2004

and my beautiful daughter Casey amongst the wild flowering orchids that I love...

She is so small in this pic!

There are lots of things that inspire, me, so this page will be updated soon!

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