Delightful Work

Just like you, I wear lots of hats.

First and above all else I am a Daughter of God

I get to do fun things like pray at church, which I love more than anything.
And worship.  Worship is better than....well, anything!  ;)

Here is a picture of me, in 2004, worshipping in Thai, in Thailand

I also get to help teach kids and teenagers how to P R A Y.
I am so BLESSED and I love to be able to serve the Lord in
this way.

Here is a picture of some of those "kids" doing a Silent Seige
with this organization in downtown Houston last year.   This picture
just happens to be my daughter and her two very best friends.  I am
very proud of them!   Look at their faces; fervently, silently, passionately
resisting the plans of  evil to obliterate a whole generation of babies.

Unfortunately, to our great shame and our great detriment, Houston
boasts the largest abortion clinic in North America, and we as Christians
oppose abortion in all it's forms and for whatever reason.  But we believe that
God answers the prayers of His children as they cry out to Him day and night for
His mercy over our land!

For more information, please see

I'm called mama to the most beautiful little girl in the world.
Here's our Mother's Day photo.  She is pure joy to me. 
I want to keep this page brief so I will spare you the gushy
mushy mom details.  I'm sure you understand and know for 
yourself the love of a mother for her child.

This is my Man,  I feed him....sometimes.....but less than he would
like these days. Here he is sitting in our office...which is mosty messy. 
 Thank goodness his HUGE, MANLY shoulders are hiding the mess.

This is my husband's company; we fix, update and renovate things.
Update, make "green" and generally perform aesthetic improvement on 
other people's homes.  Notice I said OTHER...hehe.
Sorry, hunny, this is my attempt at "being" funny.   Thanks for
making our yard so green and pretty!  xo!

Here is a picture of a beautiful kitchen he did:

and a beautiful bathroom:

and a deck:

Yikes, WHO took that picture?  Well, that was 4 years ago...
I am supposed to be HIS office manager...and sometimes I am....

Oh, yeah,  My Man;  He  Likes to GOLF.


So, he became a certified
Golf Teaching Professional with this organization:

and we're hoping one day He'll make us rich!

Then there's ME.  The Creative Side of Me.....
Well.....I dance.
and sing,
and write poetry.
and this blog.   
and I cook
and I hate to sew
but I love fabric,
and paper
And I love glass,
and art,
and word clouds,
and handmade cards.

Most of all I love Nature, and beauty, and FRAGRANCE.
The fragrance of flowers,  and herbs and spices, aromas of coffee, 
and tea, and faraway places. Aromatherapy, and lit candles, and massage oils
for tired mamas, and cranky babies.  Natural oils and essences designed to 
heal and soothe a tired heart and hurting soul.  Fragrances of comfort, and home
and Christmas.   Ways for YOU to create ambience and peace and beauty in all
your personal spaces.

So I created a company, called Cassia Aromatics.  

And right now I work here, in the Kitchen

in a beautiful 16 x 40 kitchen that was made just

for me and my dreams, it seems!
Hopefully one day I can get a shop. so I can once again 
cook for my man, and entertain graciously, and be able to 
reclaim my kitchen for it's original intended purpose.  But for
now, I am grateful to have such a beautiful place in which to create
and dream, and wrap and ship to worldwide locations.

People absolutely love my soaps and candles and say things like this:
Absolutely YUMMY! Thank you so much for these and the bonus, you're a sweetie!
Natural soaps smell fantastic, leave your skin feeling so soft! Highly recommended! Fantastic seller!
These are absolutely scrumptious as well as beautiful! I am extremely pleased with the quality of soaps, the wonderful scents and the fabulous customer service!! I love bath and body items and have tried many here on Etsy. Sometimes the photos and descriptions look and sound absolutely divine, only to be a disappointment in person--NOT SO with this shop!! Cassia's Garden is PERFECT! The products I have tried have been true to description and absolutely lovely! I was also very appreciative of the samples sent--thank you for a wonderful experience!
Wonderful soaps. So far we have tried the Beautiful Bergamot and love it. Very nice lather. The Black Raspberry Vanilla smells to die for. Thanks to a wonderful seller!
This seller is what makes Etsy such a WONDERFUL place!
I wouldn't buy my soaps anywhere else!
This is easily the biggest, most beautifully crafted and absolutely AMAZING smelling bar of soap I have ever seen! Words just can't describe it. Worth every penny! Would make a great gift, too.
I make products for Babies,              Spa Bathing                                    

AromaTherapy and Bath Salts
Healing aromas                          All kinds of Gift Baskets

I sell in Boutiques to Fancy ladies and online stores.  And Spas, and Schools,
and Pharmacies, and Gift Shops.

It is a joy for me to create these products to nourish and caress tired bodies and souls.  To offer
joyful fragrance, and pure pressed oils, and a word of encouragement and lovely colors, and plant essences.
I love what I do, and I love the work of my hands!

You can shop for  my products here:
CassiasGarden on Etsy

Oh, but this is NOT ALL I have planned
Oh No!  I have even greater things planned
patience now
one thing 


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