Are you the owner of a retail business?
Perhaps a high end boutique, day spa, online store, gift shop, pharmacy, realtor, or human resource manager needing lots of client gifts? Or maybe perhaps you are a club organizer or corporate entity without time and needing a gift solution?

Cassia Aromatics supplies merchants, interior decorators, realtors, spas, online boutiques, high fashion boutiques, health food stores, and luxury locations in such places as Southern California, Oregon, Birmingham, Hong Kong, France, Houston, and will ship worldwide.

You are our target customer!   Cassia Aromatics has a solution, and will work with you in a tailor made solution to fit your unique needs.  Our luxury soaps make great impulse or last minute purchase items and their fragrance at the cash register is irresistible!   Tuck a fragrant soap or candle into a gift bag and you have an instant gift item for today's customer seeking a quality gift.

Please email us for a catalog or wholesale line sheet, wholesale prices and miniumums.
Make available during your inquiry your resale certificate and web address and physical address.

We also specialize in Private labeling services; we know that your personal Brand is who you are,
and we are delighted to provide private label services for a low set up fee.  As always, inquire within.

Very truly yours,

Cassia Aromatics
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