About Me

I was sitting on my porch yesterday and suddenly it came to me...What am I?Well, I am an artist,  and then, the other part of me....OK I'll say it now. I am an advocate.

Noun  advocate (plural advocates)

  1. A person who argues the case of another, such as a lawyer in a court.

    The lawyer was one of a few good child advocates in town.

  2. A person who speaks in support of something.

    She has been a strong advocate for reform.

  3. A person who supports someone to make their voice heard, or ideally to speak up for themselves.

    Since she started working with her advocate she has become much more confident.

Once I find my voice on this blog (aHem!....It's been 3 years, Kelly!)  Watch out, because I have always been an advocate!~  A radical, on fire, evangelistic passer on of education in any of these areas.
  • At age 5 I became involved in drama, and dance, and got VERY comfortable public speaking.
  • At age 6 I began ballet classes.
  • At age 6 I wrote my first short story and first poem
  • At age 9 I solemnly vowed to find the cure to cancer after my baby brother died of it....;(
  • At age 12 I started fooling around in the kitchen (cooking, silly!)
  • At age 19 I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became born again
  • Since that time I have been discovering the multiplicity of giftings and abilities put inside me by my Heavenly Father.
  • At age 25 I became a missionary to the nations, travelling to over 30 countries and living 5 years in Hong Kong, and 3.5 years in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • From 1983 to 1991 I led many teams into unreached areas such as China, Thailand, India, and recruited widely in the United States.
  • I returned home to the United States in July of 1991 and joined an awesome church in Texas, and discovered that I had a calling from God to be involved in the area of prayer and worship.  This is the JOY of my soul and delight of  my heart!
  • At age 38 I got married back here in the US - a cataclysmic change....mind you!
  • At age 41 I became a mother to the most beautiful little girl
  • At age 41.5 I discovered that I needed to get healthy for totally OBVIOUS reasons! and resurrected a passion to learn more about herbs, and aromatherapy, and all kinds of healing information.   This time the passion to become a natural herbal doctor grew inside me...
  • At age 45 I became a gardener, and avid one at that....
  • In 2005 I bought the house of my dreams with the front porch of my dreams and more importantly the KITCHEN of my dreams!
  • In 2007 I started my own business and learned how to make candles, soap, and all kinds of lovely goodies.
  • In 2008 I started this blog.
  • In 2008 I made my first bar of soap
  • In 2009 I started to play the piano
  • In 2010 I discovered a passion to encourage OTHERS to dream and envision a life of creative entrepreneurship as well!  
  • Here it is 2011 and I am still here; learning and growing!

So generally speaking, you will find me talking about any one of the above topics in great detail and passion.  My desire is to encourage, inspire, lead by example, preach, teach and stretch the boundaries of faith and possibility in all that I do and in all that I say!  

So in summary, you will find this blog to be a sounding board of all things
  • Lovely
  • True
  • Fragrant
  • Inspiring
  • Natural
  • Godly
  • Wholesome
  • Beautiful
and  you will find me unearthing and digging up things that will make you smile, laugh, cry and be encouraged. There will be spicy hot exotic recipes, flowers that I grow, information on herbs and aromatherapy, beautiful handcrafted soaps, the work of other designers that takes my breath away, my promoting of those same designers, and new products that you can purchase and tell your friends about.   I will share when I am down, when I am up, when I am overjoyed, when I am failing, when I am challenged, and when I get up, brush myself off and get back on the path.  I will laugh at myself, and let you see my dirty unorganized messes.   After all, we are friends now, aren't we?

Welcome to my world!

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