I heart Small Business!

I want you to rock your business, and whatever I can do to encourage you, is what I want to do.  Right now my readership is small, but I do  not plan to keep it there.  Here are some options for you to consider in your advertising budget.

Option #1  Trade  (free)
  • Trade links, I give you my ad, you give me yours  GRATIS!   Great backlinks, increased traffic to Google. Win/Win
  • We can tweet, facebook link, tell our followers about each other, you know, nice neighborly things like that, that you do when you like someone and want them to succeed!  (boy I wish my friends would think about this) hint hint wink wink ;)

Option #2:  Sponsorship

Would you like your blog or shop to be featured here? Do you want to sponsor a product review or giveaway? I'd love to tell the world about you!


  • Giveaways run for 1 week 
  • Include an initial giveaway post, a shop feature post, and an optional product review
  •  Bring direct traffic to your shop and social networking sites as readers are required to check out your  shop before entering
  • Free sponsorship ad available for the month of your giveaway


  • You choose the item you would like to have reviewed and send it to me
  • I will write a full-length review on your product
  • Review will be directly linked back to your shop

  • 100 x 100 pixel ads can be placed on the sidebar for $25/month (first month free!) 
  •  Will be linked directly to your shop or blog
  • Multi-months are more economical:  receive 3 months for $60.00
  • Bigger ads are a little pricier, and we can think about that AFTER I get more readers, and you start makin' MO MONEY!  

Interested? Have a few more questions?  Just Contact me and we can work out all the particulars!  

XO, and all the best to you!

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