Welcome to my brain on steroids.    One day, this Page will read entirely different, where I will sell YOU my e-book on how I did it for a low low price of $47 till midnight tonight.  I am TOTALLY kidding! (or, am I?)  OK, I've been reading ALOT ALOT of blogs lately, and didn't realize that there were so many young ladies rocking the marketing angle!  ;)  And I am not making fun of them, but maybe they have something!  So, until then, I seek qualified individuals well versed in the following areas, who can take instruction, have a high moral ethics work code, some design experience, and can track with me.

  • HTML and web design, possibly even WordPress set up eventually.
  • FBML or pimp my facebook page/rock facebook with an ad.
  • Creatiion of advertising buttons, banners and ad frame.
  • Email marketing newletter assistance; namely template assistance. I just don't get it.
  • SEO and backlink decoding help. REALLY
  • GA (google analytics) help and decoding the mystery
Also, I'd love some BEES!  Yep, BEES!  Bees are important in nature, but also business:

  • Use Cassia  luxury  products. Visceral, tangible, luxurious, decadent, creamy, natural, healthy, fragrant, You get the idea.
  • Read posts, comment, share with friends.
  • Trade links with me!  It's a Win/Win.
  • Referrals leading to sales get credit towards real product. Referrals leading to sizable wholesale accounts get the moon and the stars.
  • Place an ad on Your Blog, Your Bulletin Board; give a business card to Your boss.  Tell them we do fundraisers to help their causes.   Tell them we do awesome corporate gifts.  
  • "Like" my Facebook FAN page and share it with others.
  • Tweet about @ Cassia Aromatics
  • Write reviews, do YouTube Videos, and blog some more.  
  • Receive marketing materials to your inbox and forward to your friends.
  • Compensation?  Three levels:  Love and undying affection, free product, and cold hard cash..
  • Mastermind contests, giveaways, promotions.  I'm just not that fun.....=)

Need more?
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Seasonal Wrapping Product (Christmas,!) Make ready for shows.
  • General office support
  • Accounting Support
  • Photography and Modeling (think lights, camera, action!)
Are you a highly intelligent MOMMY, MOMMY BLOGGER, FREE Lance, copy writer, publicist, or a geeky intelligent techno savvy guru type person who wants some fun?  Or are you a friend?   Telecommuting is TOTALLY available to you!  Inquire within.

Affectionately yours,

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