Monday, July 11, 2011

Planetary Disambiguation - Oooh Baby it's a Wild World

Hello, Lovelies!  Monday finds us in a state of planetary and ecosystem confusion.  Collusion, confusion, contribution, coalition, tradition, extradition, wild ambition, chicken chicken chicken.....oh I need a vacation? Playcation, placation, derivation,    Yep, I've gone crackers...;)  Certifiably.

We are babysitting "Bella", our GrandPuppy, and she is a dear, although she singlehandedly

dismembered my vacuum cleaner cord into 5 separate pieces whilst Casey and I pounded away at our computers ysterday.....we still love her and she is part of our family and right at home.

So you're aware of the recent blood shed on our property, right? If not, check here....  So since the bloodshed and the ensuing one by one decimation of our pullet population, and our grief, and woes, we have been keeping our one remaininng Rhode Island Red pullet in our kitty kat carrier on top of my laundry center in the breakfast room.  In the morning, I let the dogs out to use the outdoor facilities, and roam, and sniff and be dogs, and then I corral them, bring them inside, and let our little Lucy out to scratch, peck, eat her breakfast, and remember that she is a baby chicken, not a prisoner of war.    Meanwhile the dogs inside salivate, and lick their chops and generally try to terrify her while she eats her breakfast in my garden....  Here's a picture of her, and I think she is modeling after Casey as her mother,  and hops up to "talk" to us each morning!   We love her.

So this morning, Bella, Annie and Lincoln were barking wildly; (actually through the night, I have this dull remembrance of them barking on and off while trying to sleep).  And this morning, as usual, I let them out.....
and they proceed to bark wildly, and then run under the porch......  We as a RULE NEVER go UNDER the PORCH.....because all manner and multitudes of reptiles live in it's dark underbelly confines.  I have chased a few snakes quite recently there myself.    So the three dogs are howling and hollering and barking, and I see this little furry creature leave and scurry up the tree, and not just a tiny tree but about 35 feet up high!   And the dogs are WILDLY salivatingly and hysterically barking and pawing at the tree like they could climb it or something.

So this morning I go to the chiropractor, and come home, and my daughter has put dog food out and a tiny bowl full of milk and posted it under the tree to feed the poor beasty........
See the little black furry dot in the center?  There she is!  I have always LOVED racoons, and wanted one as a pet...Yeah, right.  They can be totally vicious, but I still think they are cuties.

So now, we have a chicken in a kitty cat carrier on top of my washing machine, and a baby raccoon clinging for dear life camped out on a tree branch, and three Mini Schnauzers who want to kill the chicken, AND the racoon, who is not budging, by the way, and probably will not until the sun goes down.   And meanwhile, if the racoon sees the pullet who will eventually need to go outside to use the facilities and to stretch her poor legs, but will surely meet her demise if we leave her unattended at alll.........

Do you see the predicament we are in?   Yep.  It's a stalemate all right!

But then again, that's life in the wild.

Oh! Baby!  I'ts a Wild World!   Oh well, call me a hippy!  It just reminded me of the song, the chorus!

So in the end, I fear our FOX may in reality be a racoon, or a family of racoons who has killed all of our chickens.  My husband reminds me that that is nature, and that is "what they do", but still I try to protect all life here, except poisonous snakes.

Just a quickie post, dear friends!   What kinds of funny things have happened in YOUR backyard recently?
Go ahead, share!

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Joe said...

I know, Baby...
never a dull moment around here!
Keep up the good work!

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