Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 7 of RSS feed on Blogger being down.....

Well it's day 7 and the list of belly-achers on Blogger help "Something is Broken" is growing. Our feeds are broken and therefore if you have subscribed to this feed; alas, you are not getting notification.  I feel like I am blogging into the darkness, so I am saving my best posts until all is fixed.

Today 2 beautiful Surfer Girls living in Isreal posted Thundering Surf soap in their beautiful Treasury!
I've been selling more of this soap and have just made a fresh batch!   It's great to be noticed, and this is authentically unique to CassiasGarden!

In other news, I am busily fixing my shop SEO after getting the help of a wonderful Etsy seller named Mary of SEOWebDesign.  I have alot of decisions to make about my products, and sections, and wordings.  So if you think of it, say a little prayer for Moi, that I will be able to have the wisdom to decide all that is needed at this time.   I am also working with a wonderful young lady on the East Coast with branding issues.....yep, it's ongoing.  I mean, even Starbucks is undergoing branding updates, so don't tssk tssk, now.....it's just that important!    Now is the time to do it, because before long we will be hearing sleigh bells in the snow and that's not the time to do this dirty hard hair splitting work!

One good thing that just happened....we received a gentle soaking downpour here in Montgomery, TX!   The trees and grass are smiling.  The puppies are looking in amazement at this strange phenomenon...and we feel refreshed knowing that God is smiling upon us....

So, fair reader, adieu for now!
Did you see our last post yesterday?
It's hilarious, go check it out!


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! It was a lovely thing to wake up to. To answer your question about blogging Pinterest finds... click on your pin and then click on the <>Embed to get the code. Switch to HTML on your blog post and copy and paste this code in! Easy Peasy! And it's good as the link is there already for other people to find the source of the image.

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

HI Cari-Jane!
Thanks so much for helping me out with Pinterest. There are so many beautiful things on there and I love to promote other artists!

What is your name on Pinterest?

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