Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vote for Us!

Today I was in the shower, and I always have these great thoughts.
Today the words came to me....."Start Up Nation". So I got out of the shower,
looked up the link, and Voila! A Contest! Not just any contest, but a big one!

You can be part of helping a teensy tiny little Mom Shop get to the next level!
Every vote counts, and you (yes, YOU!!!) can vote every day until Friday!

So hurry on over and Help Cassia Aromatics get the exposure they need to become a
nationally recognized brand!

Thanks in advance!

While you're at it, why don't you hit those cute little widgets at the top that say
Tweet, and Retweet! Yes, I finally figured out how to install them yesterday! just in time!

Ummm.... yesterday I swear one of them said retweet......gotta go fix that.....

Lovies, thank you and hugs!

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