Thursday, April 21, 2011


There's a rumbling going on in the DUDES CORNER on!   I like it! and since I have
been working in earnest (well sort of) on my Men's Line, this is kind of exciting!

Today we got featured in a Men's Treasury, featured by a real MAN!   Hey, if He thinks we're cool, then that means  WE COOL....right?  

Then I looked at my status, and a BUNCH of guys added my shop (my little ol' girlie girl shop!) to their FAVES!

That made me smile!

I also smiled because my chickies moved out of my kitchen today.   I put them in the dog kennel, inside a puppy play yard, bolted both shut, and covered them in a quilt outside for the evening.   I pray and hope they are safe and sound in the morning!   They were super excited when I let them out to PLAY today!   They were just cheeping and a scratchin' and a flappin' their cute little wings!

I came home from a meeting tonight and there were lots of sales in my inbox!  YAY!!!!!!!
And about 3 wholesale orders to get we will be busy for several days!

Well, lovies, if you took a couple seconds to vote for me in the Startup contest, I sincerely
THANK YOU!    You know, I know alot of people who serve the Lord in full time ministry, and one objective I have is to be able to support them with my earnings as they do the work of the ministry full time.
Lord willing, I shall be able to do that more and more and MORE and MORE as time progresses.

You still have time to vote once or even twice to show your support so click the link below:

However, I will say this;  if you do ask me for support, I will consider it prayerfully and seriously.   But consider how you can cheer me on as well, yes?   It's a partnership here, and your support and encouragement or putting a little blinkie for me on your blog is one way that you can earn my support.  After all.....fair is fair, right?   Anyways, that's the way I see it.  We need each other, and it is a partnership,folks!

Well, this week I have been super busy, lurking around high ranking blogs, looking for good albeit cheap advertising for my little with big plans businesses.  I signed up for some online training and seminars, began to map out a strategy to reach into this geo territory in sales, and took out a free email newsletter marketing newsletter.   I don't understand the software AT ALL....but my wonderful assistant said she could do it no worries!   Just goes to show you...we need each other!

I will write more tomorrow......promise!



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