Friday, April 15, 2011

Oceans of Love to You!

G'day Maties!
Well I have a TOTALLY jam packed day today, tomorrow and the next day......better "eat my Wheaties" to use a coined expression!  What about you?

So, I got a haircut yesterday and I have a love/hate relationship with it right now.....
Today is taxes.......have you filed?
What about William and Catherine?   Will you watch this auspicious occasion?
To date myself, I was fortunate to be Stateside and awake to watch Diana and Charles.  Most auspicious.
It was a chills and thrills occasion.   To tell you the truth, we Americans need to learn a thing or two from our English distant's called
Yep, if you've never lived in a Kingdom, like Englad or Thailand, you won't really know about this.

Ok, so a freebie today from our beloved Wikipedia:

The title

The title is taken from Act III, Scene iii of Shakespeare's Othello:
Farewell the neighing steed and the shrill trump, The spirit-stirring drum, th'ear-piercing fife, The royal banner, and all quality, Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!"[1]
But also, on the score of the first march, Elgar set as a motto for the whole set of marches a verse from Lord de Tabley's poem The March of Glory[2] which begins
Like a proud music that draws men on to die Madly upon the spears in martial ecstasy, A measure that sets heaven in all their veins    And iron in their hands. I hear the Nation march Beneath her ensign as an eagle's wing; O'er shield and sheeted targe The banners of my faith most gaily swing; Moving to victory with solemn noise, With worship and with conquest, and the voice of myriads.
proclaiming the "shows of things": the na├»ve assumption that the splendid show of military pageantry –"Pomp"– has no connection with the drabness and terror —"Circumstance"— of actual warfare. The first four marches were all written before the events of World War I shattered that belief, and the styles wars were written about spurned the false romance of the battle-song. Elgar understood this.

I am going to a wedding Saturday at a winery in Plantersville Texas with some old friends.
So, anyways, I have much to write about but not alot of time.....

So in the meantime, Here is my wish for you today, Dear Reader!

Inspired by my love of the ocean, but curated by others who love the same:

Oceans of Love to You!

For those of you fortunate enough to live near the ocean,
go ahead and enjoy it for me!

Can you find Cassia in there? Should be kind of obvious =)

See you next week!

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