Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Delight

Hello, friends.

I totally know it's been a LONG long time since I have written. (blush, sigh, hanging head down.)

Believe me when I say this:  there are one or two posts with titles and subject matter actually sitting in Edit mode while they incubate just like little chickies hatched and tucked inside a warm box to mature.

I have alot going on inside my heart and my head right now.  Just like you, I'm sure!  And sometimes it just takes awhile to sort it all out.   Or, sometimes, you just have to start writing and see what comes out.  

Here in Texas, spring has sprung with a vengeance!  It's great to see all the blossoms and blooms and to see my grass turning green! 

This a tree that is blooming right outside my office window and every year it brings great delight to my heart.

What about you?  What brings delight to your heart?

Speaking of which:   

Delight:  noun
delectationjoypleasure,pleasancepositive stimulus
Delight:  verb
Tonight I have nothing earth shattering to share. I just want to begin again to write.
Writing is such a powerful thing; our words have the power to wound or to  heal.
To bind up broken hearted people, or to kill with venom.  I want to be a person who brings life with everything I say.   Sometimes when I see stuff on TV that is sickening to me, or frightful, or saddening or just plain outrageous, I just want to take out my "sword" and begin to hack up the enemy, ya know?  But I find that words alone, being powerful in themselves, do not have the power to effect real change when they are coming forth with the intensity of hatred, or fear, or just plain passion.    Like the other night, I placed a one line venomous facebook remark about the anarchy going on in Wisconsin right now.   I used the words "Loser, Yellow Belly, get back to work, LOSE your JOB, there's PLENTY more where YOU came from. Ad nauseum.
But I quickly deleted the post because I realized that it sprung from hatred and frustration.  Nothing good will come from throwing gasoline on an already raging fire.
Speaking of fires.  What happened  in Japan rocked my world, how about yours?
My heart is so broken for the people in Japan; they are so precious, and I know that God cares for them very very deeply.   I found myself so devastated by the events that I just could not do much on Friday.  I felt so powerless and it just felt wrong to go about my daily routine like nothing had happened.
But then later that night, I also realized that the very best thing that I could do was to be very very present in my world.   To do whatever I was doing to the best of my ability; such as being involved in a very intensive weekend retreat at my church.   I came to realize that that was was appropriate at the time; and to really do it with all my heart.   We have prayed for the precious people of Japan, and will continue to.   Each and every nation has tremendous trials and tribulations right  now.   We must be present for the people in our nation(s) respectively, and do our best to be people of dignity and peace.  To speak words of truth and stand strong for what is right.   
To me, it feels just like it did back in the 1960's
I have lived through the Watts Race Riots in Los Angeles.
The Haight Ashbury Hippie movement that began in the Summer of Love in San Francisco.
I have seen the United States Flag burned.
I watched the Kent State demonstrations.
We watched the insane Patty Hurst debauched scenario.
I have seen the Viet Nam War Veterans spat upon returning after serving their country in a useless war.
Oh and WATERGATE too.  What?  You weren't born yet?   Well, I'm sure you can Google it and get all caught up....
I myself have rebelled against every form of authority, and survived, but finally learned my lesson in the long run.
What is happening today, is EXACTLY like what was happening in 1960 - 1970.
Only more intense, more widespread, and more systemic.   It's called ANARCHY.  

But GOD.
God broke through in the 1960's and the Jesus Movement was born.   The most powerful move of young people getting swept into the Kingdom of God by the hundreds of thousands and becoming radical believers in Jesus Christ.
I was one of them.  On one day, a total enemy of God and enemy of the State.
The next, a radical lover of Jesus, willing to die for my faith in Him.  
So my summary?   It can only get better, my friend.  We must pray, and fast, and cry out to God for our nation, our freedom, our children, and our faith to be reborn.  We must cry out for Truth, and Righteousness, and the nations of the earth to know God. 
This WILL happen; it's just a matter of time.
Well, I did not plan to write all that.   But it needed to be said.
So some of you have known that I of late just have this insatiable desire to begin to create and create and create some more.
It's kind of burning inside me lately.  I've been messing around with this program that makes it possible for me to create things without having a degree in CS3.  wink.  That program just boggles me.
And I have been wanting to use my words to bring truth and beauty and inspiration to people around me. Maybe begin making some cards to go alongside or with my handmade soaps and candle for a line of gifts.
So I'm just going to throw out there something I made up tonight.   I know it's rudimentary, and there are some corrections I would like to make too, but just wanted to kind of show it to you!
What do you think?

So anyway, my friend, I wish you delight!  I wish you joy, and peace, and prosperity.  I wish
you Truth and Hope, anchors for your soul in this troubled time in which we live!   There is
delight, ready for you, for the taking!  It is found in God's presence, and it shows in all His
creation.  We were created for delight, because we are the object of our Heavenly Father's affections, and He greatly delights in us!
I love you my friend!
And we will talk again soon.  I promise.

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