Monday, August 8, 2011

The Response USA 08/06/11

Many of  you that read this blog and my facebook know how excited I was about The Response USA which was held at Reliant Park in Houston last Saturday.   None of us who attended (approx 40,000 present, 1400 hundred churches live-streaming the event, and approx 150,000 personal online viewers!) were one shred disappointed.   It was a truly glorious occasion, and I believe a history maker!

The purpose of The Response was to obey God's instructions in 2 Chronicles 7:14, to weep over our sins, our nation's sins, our blood guilty hands, our immorality, our faithlessness, our prayerlessness, our economy, and to pray for our President, for jobs, for rain, and for revival.   Look at this precious man.  There was not one dry eye in the place.

My daughter Casey and I attended together, and after having gotten lost in Houston via some funky internet directions, we eventually got inside the stadium exactly 19 minutes before the event began.  I mean!  Chills, thrill,s tingling all up and down me while walking up the ramp to enter the building.   The presence of God was so strong that I immediately began alternately weeping and laughing out loud!   That is how awesome the glorious Presence of our Jesus is!   This is my friend Leah; she goes to my church.

If her face doesn't tell you enough, let me explain: the Bible expressly states that in His Presence is fullness of JOY!  Joy, unspeakable, and full of Glory!   Unspeakable joy!  I mean, who does not want JOY?  The Bible says that the Joy of the LORD is our very strength!

Here is her mom, Linda, who trained me to be prayer Captain over my home church.  I love Linda and just look at the joy on her face, as her prayers were, on that very day, answered to see an army of the Living God raised up to intercede until we see the return of our Lord and SAVIOR!   Yep, they are mom and daughter and I love each of them so much.

The whole weekend was just awesome.   On Friday I loaded up my Camry with my daughter, my best friend, her daughter, and my daughter's best friend, and we joined about 50 other silent siegers at the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere.   We are praying that God will move on our behalf to shut down this facility which is planted right in the heart of Houston's poorest of the poor.   They claim many "health services" but the largest "service" they provide is the murder of our most helpless of minorities, the unborn.  Sacrificed on the altar of money and convenience, America has killed over 52,000,000 million babies sine the edict of Rowe vs.Wade in the past 40+ years.   God is angry with us over this atrocity, and we act like it is nothing.

It's a peaceful protest and our main goal is to stand there, and pray, and let others know that we stand for LIFE!

For more information on this and other silent sieges, see the Bound 4 Life Website.

I wanted you to see some clips from our time on Saturday.   I hope you enjoy the videos!  I just don't have words to say what a wonderful time it was.  I do believe that God was so pleased, and that He heard from Heaven, and that He will turn the tide and heal our land.

Well, lovelies, now that this event is over, I need to get back to work!    I have almost
1/4 tons of fresh oils to begin making my Christmas Soaps!   

The first thing I will make is this since I am totally out of stock!
Rustique savon a la lavande francaise

Then after that, I need to make some more of this:

Cranberry Fig Cold Processed Luxe Artisan Soap

Cranberry Fig Cold Processed Soap

What do you think about The Response?   Yes, there were some angry people outside; about
100 people outside protesting at the approx 40,000 inside.   

My friend, this is a glorious day to be alive!   Jesus said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His rightousness, and all these (other) things will be added to you!"  Matthew 6:33.   He said, "Do not fear, for I am going to prepare a place for you"! John 14   "In this world there will be tribulation, but be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world"  John 16.   
It is a day to seek the Lord.  To seek His face, and His favor.   To fear nothing but God, and hate nothing but sin.  It is a day to pray, and see God intervene in the affairs of men.   He has given US the earth, and He expects us to use His resources wisely.  He expects Kings to reverence Him; to honor Him. obey His laws, and to seek to reign righteouisly  over the people over whom He has given them authority.  Our duty is to Pray for them for wisdom, guildance, and divine fortitude.   

Soon, Jesus will return to establish His kingdom over all mankind.  There will be two kinds of people in two separate groups;  He mentioned them as "sheep" and as "goats".  The sheep hear His voice, obey Him and follow Him.   The goats go astray, and run around and disobey Him.   The sheep He gathers like wheat into the barn, but the goats he scatters like chaff which is burned up.   It is time to seek the Lord so that He can come and reign in righteousness.   

I love you, my friend.  Thank you for coming over for a visit today!


Mano y Metal said...

Hi! Found you on Handmadeology and stopping by to be your newest blog follower! :D Hope you can stop by my blog: & follow too as I love networking with other artists! Thanks & have a great day :)

Des, Mano y Metal

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Hi there, Mano y Metal!
I visited your blog and it really rocks my socks!
You are doing such an awesome job and I wish you much much success!
With style and passion like that! a girl can go really really far!

r4 said...

I didn't attended this but Really impressed by the response of USA. I never seen before this type of big response in this world.

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