Monday, November 8, 2010

The Catharsis of Writing, Candidly....

Dearies, how are you?  It has been awhile and honestly, I don't know how bloggers do it.  I mean, how exactly do YOU do it?  I guess the answer lies in the scheduling.    If it is on paper, I guess you have the permission to and the edict to actually sit down and write!

I have to make a few confessions on this post, so, if you didn't grab a cup of coffee, you might want to..  or hot tea, or hot cocoa.   Today I will exorcise my own frustrations at myself for not being more together, and then I will forget all about  it.  Because I just have to or else...

So.....I planned this lovely Holiday Launch.  Yeah, that one.  Visions of grandeur.  A launch of a gift line that included (did you laugh yet today?  Good, get ready)  cards, chocolate and other gifts in addition to soap and toiletries and candles.  Yep, all that.  I think I have a Martha Stewart complex. (Well she is my hero in a myriad of creative ways).  As my husband reminded me, Martha Stewart has a whole army working for her who does nothing but sit around all day and cater to her whims and fancies, and who, by the way, is also a megalo-millionaire and can snap her fingers and launch a whole new line of pet product at Petsmart.  Oh my, who in the heck do I think I am kidding?

So I started making soap and more soap and more soap and even more soap until soap filled my kitchen.  Then I ordered gift boxes and more gift boxes, and more.......well you get the picture.

So anyways, here we are 7 weeks before Christmas and everyone else has their cra I mean stuff  I mean products up on the website and looks like they all have their act together, and I still have boxes and labels and card making material all over the place.

Last week I felt like I literally was going to explode with the pressure of having to have my act together.   It kind of sucked the living life out of me,  ya know?

So then I tell myself to slow down, think, write a plan, just keep it simple, You know the psychobabble we all tell ourselves.   Calm down and carry on.  And it works, sometimes, for a duration of about 5 minutes.  And then, all falls apart in my synapse center as I fall prey to the pressure again.   Oh well.  

So then I get these two new ideas for two new designs.   And go to the drawing board and they fail, not once but twice, and then thrice, and now on the fourth try it is starting to look like I can pull it off.  But then the pressure mounts again and I start to cry from feeling like a complete lunatic in my own kitchen.

But alot right has happened and alot of really yummy soap and completely good boxes and pretty cardstock is sitting here looking at me to get ready to swing into full blown production mode.   And besides the boutique is calling asking me for more soap, with a referral to another boutique and another boutique, and the art school directors across the street from me consented to me putting up a dispaly in their art school that is full of high ranking international oil executives and ambassadors kids,  and a couple of schools wanting vendors, and a really posh boutique wanting me come come and sit outside for 2 whole weeks and sell, and then orders are coming in so -  what am I so down about?  

I think it is the Pitfall of Comparison.   Rome did not get built in one day.   Brands did not get instantly established.   Labels are made and remade everyday by solo-preneurs wanting to prefect their image.

So, now I have raved and ranted, I feel somewhat better, although this blog is configured to my facebook and my twitter and all kinds of other media, so in retrospect I might feel a tad awkward if everyone reads this.   But confession is good for the soul.   So I let it rip.

Here is some of the yummy soap I have in my kitchen and have begun to list it into my Etsy Shop.   Again, I had the distinct quandary as I tried to decide if I should wait several  more days until my new labels were done and it was all wrapped and ready to go, or just get it up so everyone can actually see what is curing and get some Christmas ideas ready for gift giving.  So, I chose the latter, as I can always go back and add new photos of these things and tweak the listings.......

So here goes:  some quick crummy photos with better ones coming hopefully soon

 Pomegranate & Black Currant Luxe Soap
not listed yet =)

Wasabi Intensely Fresh Men's Soap (not listed yet; heck the label isn't even made yet)
Assam Tea Garden Soap (for men, or unisex)

Black Amber & Lavender Soap;  oh my it smells good and so luxuriant too!
and no, it's not listed yet......=) still drying and curing.

So my plan is, after I get all the soaps labeled and tagged and wrapped and listed, then to go on and  make the corresponding lotions, and scrubs, and perfumes and bath bombs and shea whips to accompany each one.   I have beautiful little see-through boxes that are slim line and will fit an whole ensemble even with a small candle into sets to sell.   

When I get "my act together" yes, you will see and hear all about how wonderful they are!

So until then, my dear friend, we will keep calm and carry on now, shall we not?  It will all work out in the end!   It always does.  

Do you ever share some of these feelings?  Share, PLEASE!  It might comfort a friend with consternation issues!  Toodles until next time!

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