Monday, October 25, 2010

Ga-Lee Kheow Wan Guy

Good evening, lovelies!   Today I made this:

Bamboo Sugar Cane Shea Butter Soap;  mmm! mmm!

I am in love with this Trapp Designer fragrance and will add it to my Asian Inspired Line.   

 Bamboo Sugar Cane is notes captured from the heart of the sugar cane with a burst of citrus, enhanced with a touch of green bamboo.   Bamboo is this beautiful exotic green kind of tree that grows in Southeast Asia and I am in love with it's beauty.   It just calls to me!

So!  To celebrate my success at using my new Baltic Birch mold that has been gathering dust for this 3 months.... and I, being afraid to use it, decided to just bite the bullet today and DO IT no matter if I failed the batch or not!

Let's celebrate with a little Recipe, shall we?

I bring you "Ga-Lee Kheow Waan Guy"

The GaLee = Curry
The Kheow is = Green
The Waan = Sweet
and the poor "Guy" is that poor unlucky chicken who gave his life that you may

So let's say it again:    


with a sing song voice, of course!  That's the tricky part!

Let's get started:   You need:

Some "Guy"  breasts; 2 Big ones.  

No, not trying to be a smart bottom.  That just came out.

 Brown rice
 NEVER EVER buy the Thai Kitchen brand; you'll be
paying twice what you need to.   Go to the Mexican Food aisle and
get theirs, much more economical.
 Chicken Bouillon
 Thai Fish Sauce
 Available at all Kroger's stores
Bamboo Shoots!  There's that bamboo again!

Got that?   Oh, and you need 
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
Chopped Cilantro or Thai Purple Basil.

Start by boiling the Guy Breasts in 1/2 of the coconut milk mixed with some water.
Cover the pot so you don't lose water and burn the chicken, I mean, GUY.
Add some chicken stock  (about 1 Tablespoon)
and squirt some Fish Sauce.

WHAT?  YOU DON'T LIKE FISH SAUCE?   GET OVER IT,   (Where you were already duly chastised) 

Every Thai dish has fish sauce; it is their salt equivalent.  
I am sure it is loaded with minerals as well; the origin being the sea.

When chicken is fully cooked (about 1/2 hour of simmering)
remove from pot and shred finely with a fork.   

(Confession: I just LOVE to sip a little coconut milk; kind of like a kid stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.  Coconut cream is really good for you; today I was doing some light reading about the balance between seratonin and dopamine and the brain (I would post the link but now I can't find it) but they were talking about the benefits of coconut oil.  Coconut oil is also good for hormonal balance.   Young ladies like me find this fact of particular   Oh, I love it!  The Thais cook with it and it is in alot of their desserts as well.  Talk about decadent!)

Place back into pot and add 2 Tablespoons of the 
Curry Paste (more or less to taste)
My husband is informing me, as I type, that tonight I 
did not add enough.  We like it hot around here....

After adding the Curry Paste, add the brown sugar and the
rest of the Coconut Milk.
Add the bamboo shoots and the straw mushrooms
(any mushroom will do in a pinch)
Or, if you have an Asian food store nearby, they have tons
of delectable (and high dollar) mushrooms available.  It 
adds some authentic pizazz to the dish to use the imported ones.
But they all taste basically the same

Gently simmer the soup for about 10 minutes
and while that is happening, chop your herbs and squeeze your lime and add.

Serve over fragrant Jasmine Rice or, we use Brown Rice.

In Thailand, I never saw brown rice.  Brown is so much better than white; alot of protein and all of the vitamins are removed in the milling process.

One day, I asked my friends why no brown rice was to be had.
She answered by saying that it is a shame to consume the brown, for that is
what the lower class. rice workers and laborers ate.  Still, I never saw it, not even one time,
even when I traveled out into the country to minister to the poor rice farmers.

This is such an easy dish to make!

Serve it with some sliced mangoes for dessert with a fresh twist of lime and fresh limeade.
but that will have to wait for another post.

You might try a skewer of sate but
you'll have to wait for that post too.

"Gin Maak Maak, Na!"
"Eat alot alot, now!"

I might as well post a pic or two of some Thai adventure that I had:
Let's's one!   Oh I love the flora and fauna of Southeast Asia!
Everywhere greenery (with humidity!) and orchids everywhere!
See the Thai architecture?   Yes, I used to live in a house with that detail in it.....
They put the ceilings up high like that so that when heat rises it goes up high...
This was the grounds of the opulent Marriott Hotel where we stayed.....
It was the prettiest place I ever stayed at.......
Go ahead, and click the link.  Would that NOT be an awesome
honeymoon location?  Oh my.......the romance of it...

My daughter was fully charmed with this
"lifestyle" though it only lasted 3 days 

and then we were off to the rice fields up country
where she got along just fine with brown skinned
children who could speak one word of English
nor she one word of Thai!

Oh. my I am getting homesick so for now, 
I bid you adieu and i hope you
enjoyed the recipe!

For a more streamlined version, you can visit


Anne-Marie said...

The soap turned out great! You did the mold proud. And you'll be amazed at how those swirls come out when you pull out the dividers (with needle nosed pliers). =)

Kelly Taylor said...

Anne-Marie, you are my Biggest Fan.....thank you for always visiting my blog......

Hope you are feeling great!

You know, I never ever felt better than when I was pregnant with Casey.

After the initial yucko grosso stage passed I felt so alive!

Hope that is your experience as well.....

merryloct said...

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