Saturday, November 13, 2010

He's a Mean One, Mr Grinch

G'day, Maties!

Well another project here, that was spawned by a soaping not quite disaster, but a mishap in the Color Lounge Area.   This Sugared Spruce Soap didn't turn out like planned, and everyone tells me all is not in vain.

Now, one of my very FAVORITE colors is many different hues and variations of Nature's finest color to us.   But this particular green....well.... some might call it "pukey" if you will.  (My mom would simply GASP as she always taught us that Ladies never say this word puke.  I never have and never will.   But today, breaking all the rules and throwing caution to the wind, I am saying it by the power of the written word.

Gasp, right?  Right, well.   

This color reminded me of my old nemesis, Mr. Grinch.
He's been hangin' around my psyche, so now I am going to show him and
bring him right out into the open so we can all laugh at him.
Just like the bunny rabbit laughing at the rattlesnake on the Progressive commercial, right?

So, I go to thinking.....why not make a GAG gift out of the old fellow?  I love his sardonic
twisted little face.   Reminds me to smile more

He's kinda cute in a miserable old way.  

So, then my creative juices start to flow and I use my new
Papertrey Ink dies to make a cute little tag reminding people to:
then I wrap the soap like so:

and update my listing on Etsy

and place it in the Geekery Aisle for sale.
Maybe this cross promotion  might draw a sick twisted sort into
my shop?
Ha Ha....oh well....
In either case, it might draw some attention my way.  

 Other than that, amidst the chaos, there are some new soaps in  my kitchen:

and some really really yummy
Brown Sugar and Fig Soap

But I haven't photographed it yet.

I have spent way too much money at Uline and Papermart this week.
Then I got sick  =(  and had to stay home from Market today.
But there's so much to do I just cannot rest.  Know what I mean?

So, while I am fighting off Old Mr. Grinch,
What have YOU been doing?

Thanks for stopping by today!
Hugs to you, my friend!

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