Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reporting for duty, the rogue reporter from CassiasGarden! Ladies, I'm having SO much fun interviewing my Busy Moms of Etsy Team and other personal friends and fellow women artsists and business owners! Each of you is a treasure; kind of like a gift just waiting to be opened, or like a flower, just like the ones budding in our yards this time of year! I absolutely can't wait to follow you and your businesses and to see where we all go one year from now! Isn't it exciting?

Today we have a new team member; Kathy Cherry from Kathy Cherry Designs! So that means, time to grab a coffee break if just for a few to get to know this lovely Busy Mom of Etsy. Enjoy!

What a radiant picture of Kathy and her darling little boy!

Kelly: Hello, Kathy, and thank you for joining me here today! Tell us, how young are you?

Kathy: Thank you for interviewing me! I really appreciate it. I’m 37 years old.

Kelly: What is the name of your business?

Kathy: It’s called Kathy Cherry Designs and I make handmade greeting cards.

Kelly: When did you begin?

Kathy: I officially launched the business in October 2009, but have been making cards for several years for friends, family and my own use. In 2004, I even made my own wedding invitations, programs, and placecards.

Kelly: Do you have any background in business and/or art?

Kathy: I have over 15 years of business experience and have a Masters of Science in Public Services Management and been working for nonprofit organizations in leadership roles.

Kelly: What motivated you to start Kathy Cherry Designs What inspires you to create?

Kathy: I was motivated to launch Kathy Cherry Designs after selling some of handmade cards as a fundraiser for my organization. They sold really well and received great feedback and thought why not?! Everything inspires me to create – colors, nature, objects, great pieces of paper and many other things. Also, my son inspires daily to create and just be an overall stronger, happier person.

Kelly: What is your favorite product?

Kathy: One of my favorite items for sale right now is this hug card:

Kelly: What are the special Features?

Kathy: I really love the two pieces of paper and also how the brad attaching the tag matched so perfectly. The different components just fell together in a beautiful mix of pink.

Kelly: What are your business goals this year?

Kathy: My business goal for the year is to improve my marketing efforts and increase sales.

Kelly: How do you get traffic to your website?

Kathy: I’ve been trying different methods like my Facebook fan page and Twitter. I can definitely improve in this area and welcome any suggestions!

Kelly: How do you juggle work/life balance? For instance, you have a day job and a small infant boy. How do you “do” all that you “do”?!?

Kathy: I work 30 hours a week as director of human resources for a great nonprofit organization called Breast Cancer Network of Strength. I also have a great husband, adorable almost 2 year old boy, and very loving big dog. I usually do my creations in the evenings after bedtime or on my off days during naptimes. My husband works odd hours, so I have time when it’s just me and the pup to focus on creating new cards.

Kelly: Can you share some of your frustrations?

Kathy: My greatest frustration has been with my camera and taking decent photos of my products. It’s a learning process, but I have days when I might toss the camera in the backyard.  I have definitely received some great feedback on how to improve the photos to really show my cards better.

Kelly: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

Kathy: I learned to stay organized with my finances which really helped me out with my 2009 taxes. It’s easy to focus only on the creating and neglect the business stuff, but that business stuff is very important.

Kelly: What word of encouragement can you give a person who wants to also start their own business?

Kathy: Be willing to try new methods and be open to advice from others. I’m learning each day from my fellow Etsy creators and love the team networking.

Kelly: Any other thing you would like to share with us?

Kathy: Yes! A promotion at my shop:! Buy 2 cards, get one card free promotion! Use the word Cassia during checkout to denote the promotion.

Etsy shop:
Facebook fan page:
Twitter page:
Web site:

A few fun facts about Kathy:
~ loves hiking, biking and camping
~ loves traveling
~ enjoying microbrew beers
~ loves to read a good book
 ~ really enjoys her time with her family
~ really, really loves making cards especially for you

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