Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Guys, gals, fellow business owners and artisans!
I have been doing business with ONLINELABELS.COM for the past year and let me tell you, the product they offer is fantastic, the software they offer is fantastic, the specials they offer is fantastic, and the customer service is exemplary. 

I use OnlineLabels.com for all my labeling needs.   They have the biggest comprehensive product offering of any label company I have researched!   The labels come in every hue, shade, finish, and their waterproof labels are so durable that I put mine in the dishwasher not once, but twice, and they came out just as brilliant as the day I printed them on my inkjet printer!

If you have not settled on a labeling solution that is cost effective, friendly, comprehensive and has a wonderful software program that you can use for free for 30 days after activation and then dowloaded to your own hard drive, you really owe it to yourself and your company to check out OnlineLablels.com!

Check them out, today!


Beth said...

Thank you for this post! I'm checking out onlinelabels.com - and more importantly, the software. We've been having a hard time designing without aid of people who have paid for their software. Awesome. I'm checking them out and will share with cookieman later.

Much love!

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

Nice site! It's getting me to thinking.... :)

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