Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spotlight Interview: Joy Charde from The Art of Joy

Hi Ladies!  Welcome to Friday Spotlight Interview.
I had so much fun doing this post, now I am really psychedabout getting to know each one of The Busy Moms of Etsy!  These interview are dedicated especially to women, mothers, busy and yet industrious.   That's the way we should be, right?

Is she a rock star?  

Addicted to sweets just a tad, maybe?

She describes a perfect evening as....
a good book, mug of hot chocolate on one hand and a glazed donut on the other...

Clearly the love of her life and constant sidekick! aka "The Munchkin"...


Working with Mommy.....awwww!

She loves to spend time with the family camping

Her home studio in the kitchen! 

Wow. She does commissioned art too! 

Oh, Me, Oh My, I Love Pie!

Some of you might think that I'm being partial to our fearless leader,
but that is not the case!  I had sent this interview to her 2 months ago, and 
just decided to use it first.

Let's get down to it, shall we?  Grab a cup of coffee, and maybe even a doughnut LOL.

Meet our Fearless Leader.....Joy Charde of TheArtofJoy  

Kelly:  Hello, Joy! Thank you for interviewing with us!  Tell us, how young are you? 

Joy:  I am 33 years old.
Kelly:  What is the name of your business?  
Joy:  The Art Of Joy on Etsy

Kelly: When did you begin?

Joy: I started the business on July 31, 2009
Kelly:  Do you have any background in business and/or art? 

Joy:  I don't formally have a background in art, but I have always doodled, etc. ever since I can remember!  I was also a teacher for 10 years and taught art then.  Currently, I'm the business manager for our public library... so I guess, that counts as experience?
Kelly:  What motivated you to start The Art of Joy  ?

Joy:  I really needed to find an alternative for using toxic paints since I just recently had a baby.  I decided to go back to paper and doodling  What inspires you to create?  Things that I see around me.  
Kelly: What is your favorite product?  

Kelly:  What are the Features? 

 Joy:  Here are the specs:
Calendar with stickers
12 write in months - Approximately 5.25 x 8.5"
40 trim and stick stickers (10 of each: Fun Time, Day Off, Don't Forget, Special Day)
* Some of the US holidays are printed on the calendar (New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick's, Mom's Day, Dad Day, Easter, Independence, Veterans, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
Illustration: printed with my original design 110 lb. bright white cardstock and the sticker are printed on adhesive paper
For your personal use, gift giving, and more...

I also love to make these stickers!  Here is the link to the stickers section: 

Kelly:  What are your business goals this year? 

Joy:  To just have fun with the whole creating aspect.  The business side is a bonus.
Kelly:  How do you get traffic to your website? 

Joy:  I participate in teams and forums
Kelly:  How do you juggle work/life balance?  For instance, you have a day job and a small infant boy. How do you “do” all that you “do”?!?  

Joy:  It's a definite balancing act.  My day job is really a night job :).  I work from 1pm - 8pm.  Fortunately, my baby loves to nap, so I can get some stuff done at home. 
Kelly:  Can you share some of your frustrations?  

Joy:  Finding time to do everything!  I clearly need more than 24 hours.
Kelly:  What is the most valuable lesson you have learned? 

Joy:  To try to be patient about the whole selling business.  I really can't control what people like or want to buy from me... I just need to put relevant products out there. 
KellyWhat word of encouragement can you give a person who wants to also start their own business? 

Joy:  Try to list things as often as you can, and be patient.  
Kelly:  Any other thing you would like to share with us?  

Joy:  I think that's all I have for now...

 Kelly:   That concludes our interview!   I want to thank you Joy, for all you do to promote our Busy Moms of Etsy team and the hard work and effort you put forth.  We all wish you much much success!  I like to use your Thank You stickers on my package and in notes to customers to thank them for their purchase!   Why don't some of us go on over to Joy shop and get some of her fabulous cards, sticker and art?   You'll be glad you did!

 Clearly delightful!  And oh so joyful!

Au revoir, mes amis!

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Anne-Marie said...

Aw, the Munchkin is soooooo cute! =) Love that face.

Lisa said...

Great interview! I love to learn more about each of the Busy Moms! :) So cute of Joy and her "munchkin!"

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