Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ain't Got Money? Soap in Sugar Plums and Lemon Drops Fragrance


Third in line of the Vintage inspired Soap Line.

I love how this soap turned out!

Looking at it I hoped someone else would appreciate how
beautiful it turned out.

At $5.50 wrapped and beribboned,
it is a Steal of a Deal for A Sweetie with Little Dough!
or just to give a girlfriend or teacher or anyone you love to say
I Love You!  on this Valentine's day....

And then, I remembered the words of another Vintage Oldie and Goldie
another Blast from My Past.



Breeze said...

Those soaps are SO cute!!!! Have you picked who won the name game?????

Anne-Marie said...

This is your best heart soap yet. The colors are great. I'm loving pinks, yellows and oranges right now!

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