Monday, September 7, 2009

Lemon Verbena & Vetyver -

I made this on Saturday. I was sick with the flu but I had a bee in my bonnet;

after having completed the vision for the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, I wanted a green, "swirly" creation that smelled of gardens, and greenery....

I looked in the Apothecary Cupboard, and found two fragrances; Lemon Verbena and Vetyver.

Have you ever smelled Lemon Verbena? You will love this old fashioned garden herb! Light, bright, lemony and just an enticing fresh and clean smell that makes you feel like you are on a picnic on a beautiful spring day!

The Vetyver, however, is a green fragrance! Bath & Body Works came out with this fragrance in 2003 and it was a truly beloved winner! It smells deep and mysterious; kind of like a jungle and very very Green!

The soap itself is a myriad of skin loving ingredients: sweet almond, olive, palm kernel, coconut. I added hydrolized oats, silk amino fibers, and aloe vera gel. For extra goodness, unrefined shea butter from Africa crowned the whole concoction with goodness for your skin!

These lovely bars are curing right now, but will be available for sale and use by September 30th!

This is a definite winner, and I will be making this again very soon! It is a prime candidate for my Bath trio sets: a soap, a spray and a candle all matching for your guest bath or your private bathing pleasure!


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Anne-Marie said...

Yay! They turned out great. Your descriptions are always fabulous. I think I can smell the fresh and earthy lemon from here. And of course, I always love how you stamp your soaps!

Breeze said...

I love it!! Man, you are so good at making those!

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