Monday, September 14, 2009

Interview with Lindentree Boutique..Anything but Ordinary!

Interview with Lindsay, Owner of

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting a dashing, darling young entrepreneur, through a mutual friend, Jessica Clark. I recently participated in a shopping event at her invitation, and I have been following her ever since! Her passion and enthusiasm are what draws me to her!

This is Interview #1 on a weekly series that I am conducting! So, grab (another)cup of coffee, and enjoy!

Kelly: Hello, Lindsay and thank you for joining me here today! Tell us, how old are you?

Lindsay: Well me personally..I’m 26. My business is 7 months old today! (9/1/09)

Kelly: What is the name of your business?

Lindsay: Lindentree Boutique (

Kelly: When did you begin?

Lindsay: I started in February 2009 with a dream and a business license and a few products in mind and my business has just been growing, literally by the day, ever since. In August we launched a fully functional website which is really my main portal to the world. It has been an exciting month to see my ideas really take off and see how people are responding to the website and the variety of products.

Kelly: Do you have any background in retail?

Lindsay: Hmm…I worked at Kroger in high school ;) Not really. I’ve just always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I remember growing up and spending the night with my grandparents and begging them to let me have garage sales. I loved them. I loved setting up the driveway like a store and running the “cash register”.
I took some retail marketing classes in college and loved them. I knew that one day I would love to have my own shop. I love the unique feel to boutiques and enjoy the hunt for new products and new ideas.

Kelly: What motivated you to start Lindentree Boutique?

Lindsay: Mostly my motivation is that I have always wanted to have my own store. When I had my kids I realized that I wanted to find something that I could run right out of my home. But I wanted to do something that I loved and enjoyed. Finally it just felt like the right timing for me and my family, so we birthed our fourth child J Lindentree Boutique.

Kelly: What is your favorite product?

Lindsay: (

Right now for me personally, I’m loving the whole line from Stevester. I love the peacefulness and beauty of birds and they whole line has different birds and animals. I’m really into the whole organicy, earthy products. The colors are really fun and have an urban feel to them. My kids love the lovies. They each have their own and are constantly trying to sneak into my showroom and spot a new favorite one. My personal faves in this line are the giraffe, monkey and owl. They are great because they are gender neutral. They are super soft. Great baby shower gift. Plus they stay soft even after a zillion washes. What mom doesn’t love that!?

Kelly: What are your business goals this year?

Lindsay: Goals for this year were one to get my website up, running, and working and that is done! So my next goals are to continue to broaden my products so that people can stop by and anyone can find something that they love.

Kelly: How do you get traffic to your website?

Lindsay: I am a major user of social networking such as twitter, facebook, myspace and blogs. While my website was non-functional this was my only way of getting people to be aware of my store and my business, other than word of mouth. It was surprising how many orders would roll in even without the site. So I just regularly update my blogs, my business twitter and facebook accounts. I also do trunk shows from time to time to give people a chance to see products in person, in case they are still leary of purchasing before seeing or are not very internet savvy. I am hoping to expand to a small printed catalogue in the near future.

Kelly: How do you juggle work/life balance?

Lindsay: Ha! I have a God-send of a husband who has really helped me through my business launch. At first it was really hard, because there was literally 80 hours of work per day and no time for it all. I was working literally 8 hour shifts every day AFTER we would put the kids to bed. Sleep was a thing of the past. But I’ve worked into a better routine now and have a good flow during my day of work, housework, mommy time with the kids and wifey time with the hubby. Being self-employed is hard because you can easily turn into a work-a-haulic. Its hard to stop and take a break knowing you could be making a sale, meaning more money. But you must have a balance or you will lose your mind and your family.

Kelly: Can you share some of your frustrations?

Lindsay: (Kelly...See? This girl is So Positive, she left this line blank!!!!)

Kelly: What role does your faith play in your business?

Lindsay: A mega huge insanely large part! God has set this thing in motion and has allowed me this opportunity and I know that when I am faithful to Him, he will bless my efforts. I know that His hand is on my business, I’ve already seen so many miracles and opportunities open that would no way have opened without Him at the helm!

Kelly: What word of encouragement can you give a person who wants to also start their own business?

Lindsay: You must be in this thing 1000%. You need products that you love, products that YOU would buy and then GO for it! I often hear people that are in small business that are not enthusiastic, they don’t know much about their products and don’t really work their business to the fullest potential, and most of them are discouraged. This is a hard time for the economy so if you are going to start a business it can’t be half-hearted. You can do it!

Kelly: Any other thing you would like to share with us?!

Lindsay: I hope you will all head over to and fall in love with us. Check it. Bookmark it. Love it.

Kelly: For all Viewers! VIEW special! Today, 9/14/09 - 9/28/09 Take 20% off your entire order enter code VIEW at

That concludes our Business Spotlight Interview #1

Thank you, Lindsay for joining us today, and may God prosper and grow your business according to His riches and glory!!!!

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Very well, then. I will make a comment!!!!

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And, for those of you flying under the radar, NEVER FEAR!!!!

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Mama PC said...

very good interview. I'd like to meet this young lady some time :-)

i'll browse around her boutique now....

Kat, I'll be looking at yours too.


Anne-Marie said...

Wow, that shirt is adorable. She does have good taste, in the shirt AND the husband. Wow, it is great that she has such a supportive spouse.

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...
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