Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Raspberry & Vanilla, mmmm mmmm!

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cream

Creamy, and Dreamy......

Guys, this is a quickie post. Number one, to say hi! and number two to let you know a little of what I have been making in the kitchen! My family will wholeheartedly tell you it is not food, but it sure does smell wonderful!
After recently signing on with a lovely lady shop owner in Birmingham, AL, things have been all a scurry around here. Making bath bombs, candles, doing research on some products requested of whipped body frostings, ordering new supplies, and upgrading the labels for a high end shop!
I am quite happy with the end result, so please pray a little prayer for me that these items will FLY OFF THE SHELVES! for me! And for this lady! It is so amazing how God links your heart to people that you serve! I am finding myself actually praying for the ladies who I buy my supplies from and now my customers!
Please pray for me; this is an extremely busy busy busy season! I need wisdom, strength and grace to rise to the occasion and still fulfill all duties domestic and local! I feel like I need an army of helpers!
Later this week, I am posting Spotlight #2 of Women-Owned Small Businesses! It is a toss up between another soapmaker that I met in the blogosphere, and a dear lady friend who lives and worships in my congregation! So, stay tuned!


Anne-Marie said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! This looks delicious =)

katw0man said...

You are so sweet to drop by just when I think there is absolutely no readership!

Thank you!

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