Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Whole New Collection

Introducing: The Royal Chambers Collection
(name not sure yet!)

Do you know the Book in Scripture called the Song of Solomon?

It is called the Song of All Songs

The story of love between a man and a woman

Namely, Solomon and his Shulammite Bride

but really

it is an Allegory of all Allegories

the story of love

between Christ and His Church

When I began my company,

I had in mind first and foremost fragrance

and faraway exotic nations

and the Kingdom of God

I wanted to make money

to benefit missions

and to portray the Beauty of Christ

and to be a fragrance of Him out in the marketplace.

So hence, my doing business name is Palanquin

and my little store is called Cassia.

I love the Song of Solomon.

Being a romantic, I have read it many many times.

God is such a Lover

He loves His creation

Creating for us all Good Things to Enjoy

He only wants our love and affection

and to meet us in the secret place of our hearts.

Two weeks ago, I had a call from a new and becoming dear


Melinda wanted 32 custom blended perfume oils for

a group of ladies going on retreat.

She asked me (little ol me!) to mix them!

Inside, I began dreaming again,

the dream that caused me to start this little enterprise

coming up on 2 years ago.

We talked, and I began to get "vision" for this

little project!

"What is your theme?" I queried.

"Intimacy with God" she said.

My mind started racing!

And now, voila!

The beginning of a collection of fragrances that

speak of love

of desire

of beauty

and of The King.

I do not know what to name it....yet!

But I am well on my way so stay tuned!

To begin with, I chose 6 names;

names of the Bride of Christ as Jesus sees her perfected.

and names of Christ;

who He is in all His magnificent

Beauty, Glory, and Splendour!

My friend, let me ask you, because I love you...

Do you know Him?

Have you yet encountered Him in His loveliness

His purity?

Have you been touched by a sense of His glory

in the morning, when you see His beautiful sunrise

Or at the end of a day, along the shoreline?

Have you heard His voice, whispering on the wings of a gentle

cool spring breeze, or the fierceness of

His passion, blowing in a great storm?

He is, this moment, knowable!


and ever beckoning to you to come,

to dine,

to know!

It is the Song of All Songs,

the Song of all the Ages,

the Song of the Bridegroom

and the Song of the Bride!
Names of fragrances:
King's Chambers - exotic resins and spices
Banqueting Table - fruity
Dark yet Lovely- herbal, floral and amber
Rose of Sharon - rose and amber
Fresh Flowing Waters - a cool and clean
Enclosed Garden- green and herbal
Night Watch - musky and mysterious
These will be for sale soon!


Anne-Marie said...

Yay for new fragrances =)

Breeze said...

Ooo, sounds very royal!! Can't wait!

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

What a beautiful concept! The new fragrances sound simply wonderful!

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