Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ok, so after "running" into town....

ok, so after "running" into town....i "ran" to the post office and pounded late christmas cards into the overflowing receptacles, then "ran" into Shryl's Hallmark, looking for basket bags, then "ran" into Big Lots which is now liquidating, then I "ran" into Besty Buy for 2 yellow inks, not to "run" out again, then I "ran" into Target and found all I ever wanted in wrappings and then some. Whew! "Ran" through chekout line and $133 dollars later, "ran" through Whataburger for kitten, and then sat in my car while it "ran" through the $5 wash n go line.
i have now "run" out of steam and that is not figurative. no more left to give. can we please pass on christmas. or, can my mom come over and cook? right. she is in heaven.
oh well. tonight is church and we're inforatreat.


Mommy Mere Pete said...

don't forget to "run" to Wal-mart for Christmas dinner fixins!!! ;-)

Love you!!

BethC said...

The teachers at my school were amazed and thrilled (high school teachers are not usually recipients to gifts). Chris has 7 teachers and I have several teachers that I work closely with each day, so I enjoyed having something to give them to show my appreciation for their hard work and friendship.
I let them choose the fragrance they wanted, and they all have different tastes. Even the guy teachers were pleased to get a candle ("share with their wife").
Christmas is here, and I'm thrilled to be away from school stuff for a few days.
thanks Kelly, the extra touches were special, and one of the teachers asked for an order form.

tata for now. We have Christmas #2 today.
Did SrS have her surgery?

katw0man said...

yes, Beth! The doctors were pleased. I talked to Sharon yesterday AM and she sounded like her old self! i cannot believe how well she did! Considering they had to saw bone......the thought cringes me.....

thank you for your order and your encouragement! we should have a little group of entrepreneurs to share idease and prayer and networking!

merry and PEACEFUL christmas to you and your family!

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