Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!

All is calm....all is bright.......a wintry and quiet Christmas morning greeting to all!

Yesterday, after arising at 3:30 AM, wrapping presents, going to Walmart for more, grocery shopping, cleaning up kitchen, wrapping more presents, visiting with friends, delivering orders, making pie, and CLEANING 1/3 of kitchen....going to dinner at old friends' house; I was sitting, rather reclining in the "queen's chair", my beloved loveseat. Only 15 minutes behind schedule, kitten quickly and deftly put "Prince Caspian" into DVD player, and at 8:25 I was adrift in the land of dreams, never to awaken, until Batman commanded me to an alert phase adrenal reaction upstairs.........

This morning, I ordered that NO PRESENTS be opened until Perry Como white Christmas was played on Side two. After listening to the christmas story, me crying all the while, we sat in meditative and wondrous silence and drank in the moment. I was happy that we did! I feel that traditions must be made and then preserved, for the hour in which we live seeks to dissolve the sanctity of our roots.

Enough said.

Now, to unveil what my beloved husband bought me!!!!! Ta Da,,,,,,

This proves to me, that no matter what, what we go through, our turmoils, stuggles and metamorphosis in various seasons of life......that he, my husband, knows my heart strings, and is in touch with what makes me tick! Thank you, my darling!

Only one minor detail; my piano teacher, who, by the way, has not had a lesson with me since before Hurricane Ike, is moving to Kansas City MO for at least 3 months. This, however, will give me time to work on the intro of Rend the Heavens; the assignment she last gave me......

I, want to play, the strings of your heart, God,

Come play the strings of mine

I, want to sing, straight to your heart, God

Come sing straight to mine

Lord, you have my heart. x3

And I am searching for yours.........

A blessed and peaceful day to you, my friend! Sieze and savor every moment and share the Love that made this day possible!


CrystalD said...

woooohooo! Awesome!

Beth said...

"I feel that traditions must be made and then preserved, for the hour in which we live seeks to dissolve the sanctity of our roots."

May i quote you? What a great thing to say!

katw0man said...

beth...yes you mayquoteme!
thanks for stopping by!

Josharoo said...

Nice keys!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

This year ~ our first as parents ~ I started 2 new traditions ~

#1 ~ colored pancakes on Christmas morning ~ this year they were red (more pink but still!!)

#2 ~ hiding a Christmas present in the tree for Daddy ~ this year it was a Prince Caspian DVD

I'm very excited about continuing these through the years and for future babies!!!

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