Sunday, January 4, 2009

the eagles have landed........

Well, hello again everyone! It has been a hearty 10 days since our last post. I promised my family that I would not work for one week. I was so tired that I almost became ill. So, I rested, and slept, and rested, and played with my "kitten" and enjoyed the downtime immensely. It was a quiet peaceful week. So needed and I enjoyed time with family and friends! Cleaned a veritable 2/3 of my kitchen; washed countless loads of laundry, and relished the peace and beauty it brought to my soul.
I have to share this with you! Usually there is this beautiful golden hawk, and he is always sitting, facing either north or south on the telephone wires that run along the highway entrance to my subdivision. He is beautiful, and kitten and I have affectionately named him "Watchman" as he looks like a lone sentry.

Today, after church and lunch with some dear friends, kitten and I were driving home. At the front of our subdivision is a pasture, and on the pasture, a stream-fed pond. Usually there might be a blue heron from the nearby lake or a few other birds. But today there was a HUGE bird, and he was just sitting by the pond.

I stopped, rolled down the window, squinted, and said to kitten: "That can't be a.........?"Just then another lady in a big truck raced up, rolled down her window, and began shooting a picture with her i-phone. I said to her, "is that an ........?" "Bald eagle? Why, yes it is! My kids saw it earlier and sent me to take a picture!"

Just then, my neighbors from across my street pulled up and saw the exact same thing, and we both raced home to get our cameras and started shooting these pictures.

The curious thing is, EVERYBODY noticed! We tracked that eagle for almost an hour; ran out of film. got caught in barbed wire fences chasing it down, and it alluded our close up view like it was playing with us.

His wing span was yep, what they say; a good 6 feet and he was majestic in flight.

I still think it is a sign or that God has chosen to speak to us in a special way.

I have always loved this bird and imagined myself flying like him.

Even in our worship service this AM we sang a song about it.......

Mama, what would you say?

Shine in 2009, my friend, and as you do, SOAR FOR MORE!!!!!!


Jess said...

that's amazing!

Jess said...

btw, what email should I send my address to?

Mommy Mere Pete said...

Awesome!! That's beautiful!!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow! That's great. We haven't seen our eagles in Washington state yet but it is just a little bit cold still. It was snowing on Sunday so they're probably waiting just a little bit to visit.
Your photos turned out great!

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