Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MULTI TASKING IS A MISNOMER; aka shop vacs are wonderful!

Well, I finally admit it. Multi-tasking is on it's way out for me. I concede.
Not graciously like John McCain. Not even smiling like Sarah Palin. Just a quiet acquiescing to the fact that I am not quite like I used to be. Better, I know, just not THE SAME.

I used to be able to run with the horses. I mean, run! Suckas, watch out when I was in my 20's! Able to travel and not have to pee for hours at a time. Suck it up was my motto! Yeah! Go army!

I remember the summer of '86. Had to run the office in Hong Kong for my sick office manager. There was nothing I liked better than to run all the machines in the office simultaneously. Computer, 5 phone lines, FAX, teletype, (does my audience even know what that is? (NOT!) I would get to feeling so POWERFUL to have the hum and droan of all them puppies goin'at once! Relishing how many neuro synapses could pop all at one time and still fire, accurately, simultaneously, with the precision that only a mastermind could handle.

Not so anymore, Watson! Why, I am doing good if I meander into any given room and remember why I have ambulated to said location. It all comes from doing too much, too much! at one time and racing the clock for more output.

Rewind to approximately 9:09 AM..... kitten left, Batman left, bacon smell was being sucked out ventahood. I was so SSOOO looking forward to LABEL TROUBLESHOOTING. PART V! a WHOLE DAY of troubleshooting, planning, making, wrapping, posting, website management....etc etc. Yesterday was prayer and fasting, meeting,and paying bills. all on list was completed. A sense of purpose and resolve had filled my heart.

Holy Spirit nudged me. "Read Bible now!" yes, Lord! I am! I will! I glanced over at last night's production, revelling how beautiful they looked. Maybe I'll take a picture first, I thought. Then I will.......

So I grabbed some snowflakes, some gold ribbon. Wow, that looks good! Let's snap a picture and throw it up on the blog....maybe this could make front page of website later...after I read Bible.

Suddenly, I heard a dripping. I glanced toward the guest bathroom doorway where the original kitten was gazing in mesmerized, detached amusement at the floor. Oh yeah, turn faucet off I reminded myself. (I always turn the faucet on for kitten and he jumps up and drinks every morning.) Must not waste water! The environment and Al Gore would truly thank my conscientious pursuit of water conservation. But, back to gold ribbon and musings how these looked so Neiman Marcus.....

Must turn off water, said self, so I went over to doorway to find the floor mats afloat and the digital scale under water. The NEW digital scale, that is....not like I love it or anything or like it actually helps me be dedicated to a lo carb lifestyle, but nevertheless, a new $25.00 scale which is now out of commission.

I love SHOP VACS, without which today I know I would have otherwise despaired. ELEVEN,
COUNT EM, ELEVEN DUMPS OF THE SHOP VAC INTO BATHTUB LATER, MY FLOOR IS ALMOST DRY, YET THERE IS THIS queer leak onto the floor. Opening the toothpaste drawer, i discover that it is at maximum capacity and overflowing on floor. Meanwhile cat is a detached onlooker. WHY AREN'T YOU A TALKING CAT? I muse.

Meanwhile, phone rings and BATMAN is wondering if I will drive 20+ miles to his job in the snow to fetch him his chop saw. OH yes!!!! I replied, I would be delighted to do so! So I go upstairs, get dressed, go outside, find the saw, and look at my rear back wheel which is flat. Upon inspection, someone who last filled up air neglected to put valve stem cap on valve stem. Let me just way it was not me. thank god for that.

Quietly and composedly I drove down the street passing my neighbor. 5 minutes later she calls me on my cell to inform me that my beloved dogs dug another hole in her front yard.

Whatever. I sweetly told her that AFTER it get done sleeting today I would be RIGHT OVER to tend to that little detail. Sweetly, I brought over to her one of my little cupcake bath bombs. She being thus delighted, we are once again, (tentative) friends.

Thank you Holy Spirit! Your peace reigns!

Just wanted to let you all know! Now, to that Bible Reading and to label troubleshooting part V! If anyone out there cares to point me in the direction where some troubleshooting might take a human form then hook me up!

Is this all worth it! I think so! Just checking email, two more people are requesting brochures, so, there you have it. Do NOT despise the day of small beginnings, saith the Lord!


Mommy Mere Pete said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is a mess!!! Exciting stuff Kat!! I love your writing!! Check my blog when you get a chance!!! Happy Day!!!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

Oh yeah!! I love you big big!!

Beth said...

and yet you were able to blog by 11 a.m. i think you conquered. =)

BethC said...

Great blog!
multi tasking isn't all it's cracked up to be...I prefer laser focus.
What do you like about your current books you're reading? I would really like to have a book reading "club" for entrepeneurs.
I would have being at your gettogether if I didn't already have a previous commitment. I do want to buy some gifts from your available me when you get a chance
blessings, beth

katw0man said...

Actually i like the Bible all the way through, but you knew that, right? And right now Proverbs and Nehemiah is great. Mommy Millionaire was great too. You actually should read it! I have if you want to.
Yes, definitely, definitely I think an entrepremeur's book club is a great idea! i would like to hear how your bus is too.
Do you think I should NOT link my website to this blog? It might make the bus look bad, but for starts I am just trying to find my way around and so for that purpose it is sufficing just just just fine!

let me know about the gifts! Right now I am messing with my website and it is so so so SO tiring! I am not a graphic or technical wizard and that is what appears is necessary right about now........

mo l8r

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