Monday, December 8, 2008

Da Bomb....Yum!!!!!

A happy Monday to all my fans, friends, foes, fooies! After Friday's Product Launch Party at my house, I am very very very amped. I went to bed, tired, but oh
so peaceful, satisfied, and with a real sence of joy. Thank you to my wonderful friends, Larry, Chris, Corey, Sam, Kimberly (& Co!) Shelley, Debbie Sparks and
Sonja Kelley! A BIG thanks goes to Chanda, Meredith and Tanner Mardis. Without you I would have truly melted down in an inferno of despair and frenzy! Thank God for my family and friends! Another thanks to my husband, Joe,
who played the Host with the Most charm! Thanks, Honey!

I truly feel like this is now do-able! Vision and passion continues to grow in my heart!

Now, to get to work!

Yesterday I took a much needed nap on the couch. Praise God! It felt wonderful and I had to peel myself off the couch to fix dinner. Thanks to leftovers, that was simple!

Look what I made yesterday thanks to my mentor, unbeknownced to her, the Soap Queen. My kitchen smelled oh so yummy! Let me ask you... what little girl would not want one of these? My own darling little kitten, Casey, squealed in delight when I told her she was my "product tester"!

They are scented with Hello, Sweet Thang!
(a takeoff of Hello, Sugar BBW!) I didn't
like this fragrance when I first got it, but
let me tell you, it rocks in bath and body applications! Thanks,

To all you moms, sweethearts, grandmas,
these little gems sell for $3.50 each,
and they are bagged, tagged and all ready
to go! Tear the cupcake paper off the
bottom and drop the whole thing in your
tub! Soon you will be soaking in a scented, sweet, pink, moisturizing warm tub of sweetness!
Afterwards, dress your soft body in matching
6. oz Vitamin ADE lotion and lightly mist
with our luscious 4 oz. body Mist.
Buy the whole thing for under $22.00!

ok. got more to do today than is humanly possible.
i will check in again later!


Beth said...

wow! that's a cool product! i don't take baths. (i mean i bathe, but i do it the shower way.)

i like the whole throw-a-cup-cake-in-your-bath concept

and they're very pretty!

katw0man said...

thanx beth
my 1 of 2 fans.....


bathing is an ancient, artful, gentle thing.
thou shouldest try it if thou hast
the right vessell!

thanks for stopping by!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

I love a hot bath at the end of the day ~ used to get one every night ~ now its few and far between ~ I wonder why??

Mommy Mere Pete said...

Oh and a nap is FOREVER amazing ~ I need one each day to make it!!

katw0man said...

yup. but you gotta take care of yourself so you can be good for hubbie and bubbie!

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