Monday, December 22, 2008


Marnin;, all! Well it is not snowing here, but encroaching front might bring sleet tomorrow!

Yeah! Kitten to stack new firewood on front porch.

Saturday was a small turnout, but "despise not the day of small beginnings, saith the Lord!" Actually I gave away the same amount I sold but when we "cast our bread upon the waters, Scripture says it will come back many times over. I brought orders to church yesterday, and just before worship started, my wonderful Black Amber and Lavender was wafting amongs the congregation as two ladies just behind me could not contain themselves and started applying it right then and there! Delighted, I watched several other ladies ooohing and awwwing over the luxurious fragrance........

Anyhow, I would like to show all my new bath and body collection. I just finished a custom order for Sam, in Japanse Cherry Blossom! It smells so good and will surely delight her and any of you who would like me to get some for you!
Here pictured is my new box of bathing goodies. The presentation will "pass"; meanwhile I will look for just the right wrapping to showcase these, Pictured from left to right: 2 4 oz. cupcake bath bombs with moisturizing, skin softening nonfat milk powder, shea and cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil. Will fizz and delicately scent and soften your skin, all the while providing suds and gentle pink color. 8 oz. shimmering aloe hair and body wash, 6 oz. shimmering Vitamen A,D,E thick body cream, all natural except some necessary preservatives to extend shelf life; 4 oz. shimmering body mist, aloe based. Another cupcake bath bomb. In center, from left to right: 4 oz. shimmering soy travel candle, and finally pink sugar scrub, 4 0z. All fragranced here in Cherry Blossom! But, you can pick you poison in any of my 75+ skin safe fragrances!
Price of box here: $30.00. If sold separately, it would be more, but don't ask me to stop and count just yet. Just ask me for a brochure and see for yourself!
I have to make two orders today. I have enticed the Clarks for Mexican Food, but I don't even begin to know when to schedule that in. Meanwhile, have not done any Christmas shopping.
Do you think my family will want candles? I think not. However, I think I can get by with giving my little kitten a bath set and she will be delighted!
More later!

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