Friday, December 19, 2008


My family has not seen the kitchen table for 4 days
newest limited edition for tomorrow's party
teacher's gifts....test burn successful, smell so yummy!

!bath and body bar waiting for fragrance addition.

Sorry, Anne-Marie! I realize we are not that well acquainted that I could roast you so openly. However, I take delight in the fact that other people's horizontal spaces don't look exactly like Betty in the Reynold's Wrap Kitchen, or the white clad ladies in the Betty Crocker test kitchens, or even our beloved Martha, even with Snoopdog in her beloved kitchen! I hope you do not think that I am a sicko.
Although, it is easy to be twisted or sicko when deranged from lack of sleep.

I have to run to kitten's school to be "Room Mom". It is a privilege although it couldn't be worse timing! Nevertheless, must deliver teacher's gifts, should I also deliver business cards with that? Is that soo soo tacky? Probably, me heart thinks so.

OK, so after Bible reading and calming heart down, reprint kitten's class photos for Room Mom party project, shower, find something decent to wear. Race to school, be all glowy and wonderful for party, then off to Walmart for sundries, and Tuesday Morning for some beautiful cut crystal glassware....for my Crystalle Collection. I am a madwoman.

Then, Texas Sized Cupcake Bombs, Melts, Shimmering Body Butter sticks, labeling all creations, fragrancing bath collection, assembling baskets, I hope my organza bags arrive!, labeling labeling and more labeling. More candles, and making current orders. Oh, and a disappearing soap project with paper embedded.....hope it works, could be beautiful!

Maybe Batman will buy me dinner?

See all yous guys later!


Beth said...

you're doing great! keep it up! and rest at some point. =)

Mommy Mere Pete said...

take a big deep breath!!! You are doing amazing and I'm so proud of you!!! Maybe Batman should take you and Kitten out to dinner ~ try the new Olive Garden?? Julie Clark works there!!

I'm getting Rachie's ears pierced tomorrow!! Other news ~ check my blog if you get a chance!!

katw0man said...

after christmas!

yes, just took kitten to TacoBell for some cheap food. We both reclined our car seats and put our feet up on the dash for a power

back to work
thanks for encouragement

ouch, rachie's ears! are you sure you want to see her tremble and cry?
the things we do for Love/beauty!

ok guys, thanks so much for reading mhy blog! without you i would be bereft although i know sammye peruses from time to time
maybe others do too!
love you!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

How was the party on Saturday?????????? I want to know!!

Oh yeah! Rachie did great getting her ears pierced!!! They are beautiful little pink stars!! I love them!! I plan to blog about it sometime in the next few days ~ look for it!!

Happy day!!

I love you!!

katw0man said...

stay tuned in.... updating!

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