Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Finally, all is well, and a sense of peace steals over my tired being. Thanks to mee leetle seenorita amiga, I can now hold my head up and smile graciously albeit wearily at my guests. This is the kitchen I remember! The kitchen I bought this house for! The kitchen I love to have parties in! The kitchen I love to work in! And try to make money in!
Praise the Lord for senoras that I can call when I can go no further without a meltdown.

After a gazillion loads of laundry, I am happily blogging away in my clean bedroom. I am listening to Piano Praise circa 1980? It brings a calm to me that nothing else can....all the music that I listened to in 1976 when I got saved......that is another story!

Here is the finished product! What a blessing to finally have a clean kitchen! I am sure
you are glad too so you don't have to hear all about it! Finally! I am so grateful to the Lord
for His graciousness lovingkindnesses to me! I am weak but He is strong!


Mommy Mere Pete said...

love it!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thanking Daddy God for this beautiful bundle of life and love in my arms!!! He is soooooo good to us!!

Love you!!

katw0man said...

wow. someone actually commented!

hi mommy mere pete!
happy day after thanksgiving!

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