Friday, November 28, 2008

well I did it

i finally did it. went public, that is. have thought about it, intended it. now it's done. hate to admit it but there is something so vulnerable about going public.

this morning i made a quick flyer and invited about 50 people to my house next Friday. There was a resistance in me to do it. A mixture of feelings; I'm not ready yet. Maybe they will think I'm stupid. Or not good enough. Or don't have enough to offer.

But i did it and now it is done. no going backwards. only forwards. I care what people think. And God knows this experience will only help me grow.

i just wanted to share that. does anybody else ever feel that way?

ok, my kitchen is clean except last night's thanksgiving feast dishes are in the sink. i must tend to this before Murphy's Law works it's deep magic and chaos once again rears it's ugly head.


Mommy Mere Pete said...

I'm glad you did it!!! Can't wait to see all your wonderful, amazing creations!!! May our Daddy truly bless you as you follow Him into places you have never been!!!

katw0man said...

my always faithful. wonderful. loving sister and friend! thanks for all your encouragement@
I love you too!

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