Wednesday, November 26, 2008

before the clean......

fragrance buckets, heat guns, molds, more molds, mica and more fragrances.
Pillars, Pears and Pinecones test project in garden window

island kitchen one end

test batch whipped cream dollops, will remelt and use again.......

other end of island

fragrance bar, one of two

where i sit in my bathrobe, alone, in the dark to talk to you...... notice laundry center behind

le boxes next to stand up freezer
well, here you have it, not exactly the Betty Crocker test kitchen where you see laboratory clad workers all in white in clinical conditions. Or, not the ladies from the Reynolds wrap kitchen whre you see Betty testing her aluminum foil vs. the competitors. We won't even mention Martha Stewart's kitchen. But we don't live in Martha's Vineyard either!
Before turkey etc, this is going to all get boxed up and put away only to be dragged out again in two days. I cannot wait!
If I don't talk to you guys before, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!


Mommy Mere Pete said...

when do I get to order one??? Oh wait ~ you would want money to go with it ~ don't have any of that!!! Bummer!!! They look great!!

You, Katgirl, and Batman will have to come over to our new house for dinner sometime soon ~ that would be great!!

Any word about Noah??

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love you!!

Beth said...

hey, i didn't know you were blogging. congratulations on your clean kitchen! =)

have a really really happy thanksgiving!

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