Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google + - Do You Need It?

I've been watching from afar my oft referred to friends, the techno-savvy-guru-geeky-in the know-digitized  very smart ones talking about Google +.  I mean that with all the reverence my little heart can muster.  If I call you a techno/savvy/guru/geek, please know that this is a term of Highest Designation and Affectionate Awe!'s WHO you know, folks!

So I go on Google + and am informed that I am not eligible but will be informed when it's open to the public. #rejection. So I consider Who I can Grovel To to ask for an invite just to be cool. Finally! Last night my wonderful new friend Mary sent me an invite!  Wiping the sweat of rejection off my diminished ego, I shout "Yes!" to no one in particular and go on there.   First off, "Mary" is nowhere to be found and my inbox is indeed full of people who quite awhile ago had already invited me into their inner sanctums.

Alas, I am still working my way through SEO on my Shop and am nowhere near being finished with that!
So I go on there and discover that it is quite like facebook, which took me awhile to master but now my friends think I'm quite the guru myself. Ha!  It's all relative, folks!

So now we're dealing with "circles" and I can see how they might indeed be effective especially for privacy settings.   But I am not especially happy about my old Picasa photo account with all my ancient blog posts with dirty kitchens being aired.  So, we might have to hold off airing ourselves to all cyberspace and business networks until we can get tidied up just a tad.

Have you heard about Google Plus?  Will you use it?  If you aleady are, what do you think?  Should you switch over and work less  on Facebook?  How is it helping you to grow your business or blogging?

I would love to hear!

In other news, I had a new wholesale account inquiry buy a bunch of fall and Christmas samples from me, so I am hoping and praying it all pans out.   The lady has 3 stores that must be doing quite well, so that's good to hear!  And my Etsy Sales have picked up and I am recovering from my dismal feelings of obscurity, rejection and disheartenment.   It's just so hard to plan sometimes when you just. don't. know.

In other news, Don is trying to bust his blustery way into the Gulf with landfall tomorrow night.  We've been praying about that one.  No thank you, we will take the Rain Only but Hold the Hurricane Force Winds!

Next month will be very busy for me so it's time to get the kitchen all cleaned up and organized, and get our new fall schedule buttoned down!  

We still want to get out of town for a few days and are looking for a deal of some kind for us as a family.  We feel we need to get away for just a few days before school starts.  If you know of any deals, please be sure to holler!

Well, just a quickie post friends!  Wanted to get your take on the new Google Plus!



GingerPeachT said...

You recently commented on my post, and i thought it was so sweet what you said to me :-) so thank you!!

As far as google plus goes, I'm gonna stick with fb for now just because I dont want to put more time into online stuff! I'm already having a hard time with marketing my etsy shop and what not! lol

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

GingerPeachT! Thank you for visiting my little blog!

I am not going to spend alot of time on Google+ just yet either. Like you, I have alot of work to do on my own business! Plus, Christmas is coming! So, it's time to work!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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