Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Man who Loves Color: The Tall Paintings of Holton Rover

Hi everyone!

This video has been floating around YouTube and it totally fascinated me.
You know how I LOVE COLOR!  
Would this not be awesome to make in soap?
Like a psychedelic soap?  
 Like my awesome
Odyssey Soap - Blast from the Past?
Yep, I do think it would!

When I get ready to do this project, I will do a You Tube rendition or just basic shots of
the pour.   Took me awhile to find a piece of wood that was 2" square; the cylindrical shape
must be heavy enough to withstand the pour, and tall enough and perfectly square.   My darling
husband trimmed mine down for me and now I'm all ready to go!

What do YOU think I should make?    What colors, fragrances, or essential oils?

OK, lovies, more later!



Anne-Marie said...

I LOVE this video! Such a good technique =) I think you should do a rainbow of colors and use a bright fruity fragrance to match. Have fun with it, I can't wait to see what you do!

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

I totally agree, Anne-Marie!
I will totally show you when I get it done!

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