Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing Up in a Mid Century Modern Household....

Did you see the incredible movie Secretariat?    It's a must see!  So impelling; you'll be drawn into the pathos, excitement of a woman, an ordinary housewife who took a risk; in fact risking all to live a dream.

I had to laugh; the set was so very dern AUTHENTIC!  Even the Starburst Clock that my mom displayed in the den.  But the chairs, the gosh dog - bright - in - your - face - TOMATO - screaming - RED chairs that we loved to hate? they are!  Here's to you, Mom!   In fact, we had all four pieces of this first row in the Treasury from My Mom Would Have Loved This Treasury

Before my mom passed in 2004 she remodeled our home from top to bottom.   All of those tomato red chairs had broken; the fiberglass shell had detached from the eclectic Herman Miller styled black iron bases, but she found a buyer; a man from Houston, Texas who worked for Herman Miller and restored old pieces.  I think she sold her broken chairs for about somewheres in the neighborhood of $3,500.00 or more.

Just thought I would share!



Anonymous said...

Wow! This is beautiful and amazing! So you decorate and sell furniture, etc? I may need to use you in the near future! :) ~Katie~

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Well no, not really.
I do sell vintage career wear.
But am venturing into new
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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