Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pictures Worth 1,000 Words?

Hello everyone!   It's redundant, I know to always say "Sorry I haven't written in such a long time!".  So for today I thought it might be nice to snap some pics which will say much more than I might on this gray Saturday afternoon!  Ready?  

There's a big pot of vegetable beef stew simmering and it's a while before I have to add the other veggies,'s to update you on what's been happening with us here in Cassia's Kitchen!

As of last Friday,  the kitchen was all cleaned and semi-organized.   I had put away all  my Christmas fragrances,  that' a bit like taking out the Christmas Tree if you know what I mean!

My kitchen island counter is where I do most of my designs and where I "cook" hot processed soaps, and there were untold countless scraps of soaps for curling and chunking and embedding and sugar scrubs laying all around.  It made my neck and shoulder ache with stress just to see the disarray.   

I had made a couple of new designs and they were great, but enough is enough!  Time to clean it all up so that  peace can reign again.   Or some reasonable facsimile thereof....heehee.

See that funny looking glass piece all taped up?  I do alot of cutting there and in December I broke the glass and am looking for a replacement piece.   Yeah, funky....I know.

My new little baker's rack is filling up with fresh soaps and most are nearing the time that they can now be wrapped and sold!   Top shelf is Wasabi Intensely Fresh Men's Soap.  I have this wrapped to die for elegant and sorry, but I have to shudder (shutter?) at the photograph on this much to do!

Fourth shelf down is my new Unscented Shea Butter Soap; some of  my friends just do not like to bathe with fragrant soap!  Unthinkable to me, but everyone has a preference!    Oh, and right next to it is a new soap that is beautiful to behold and smells well, heavenly plain and simple.  It is made with Bitter Almond and Honey Essential oils which heretofore I knew not existed but let me tell you, this has to be a real treat for both your skin and your senses too!   It will be ready to wrap and sell in about 2  more weeks!

Move on eastward in my 16 x 40 kitchen to my Laundry Center.   More racks of goodies:
Over the washer are some new Black Amber & Lavender Soaps which will be ready for Valentine's Day.  Why not pair these with the ever so wonderful soy candles for luxury and romance combined?

Right next to that, I have a new Frankincense & Myrrh Soap which is kind of a funny story.
Wanna hear?  Sorry, you'll have to let me chronicle this near fail.  =)

So I have wanted to add Goats Milk for it's healing and soothing properties for the longest.  So I added a generous serving of powdered goat's milk powder to this soap and then not thinking was going to hot process it to move it along for sales.    It began to turn a dark amber color which would foil my plan to make a gorgeous light lavender soap with swirls of purple.   So I just added a bunch of colloidal oatmeal to it and it looked so dark changed the fragrance selection to frankincense & myrrh.    

Next time, I will do what the experts do:  I will put the batch in a cold area with fans turned on it to keep the dark brown color from occurring.  More on that later.   Me, I am not a particularly Rustic Girl in terms of what I want the soap to look like.   So the brown soap really does nothing for me....although alot of customers at the boutiques are asking for Brown Soap.   (yuck) (but whatever, right?)

Just in time for Valentine's Day!   Love Spell Cold Processed Shea Butter Soap!  Looks and smells lovely!  Pink; to be exact, Honeysuckle Pantone 21-20 will be the Color of the year, and I think this is a good match, although I just found out about this after the fact! heehee.

Poor husband ...the laundry table is full of soap.   Sorry, honey.   Here is some Dark Chocolate Rose (right) and some luscious Dark Chocolate Coffee Cocoa Butter Soap that is filling my house with the most delectable aroma!   I can't wait to get my wet hands all over it!

Behind it, purple soap, is a mishap in the Color Lounge arena - yet again!  I used my Brambleberry Lab Colors Aqua Mist and Emerald Green to try to create a eucalyptus color but alas, it reacted with the lye and turned purple.  Now I know what to reach for when I want Lavender  ha ha!  

The beautiful green soap is awesome.   I never made cocoa butter soap before and let me tell you, the consistency of this soap is different from anything I ever made.  It is absolutely very very .....searching for words.......homogenous, and .........for lack of words...."fatty".   It could not help but be good for your skin!

I was going to show you more pictures but I think I will save it for another post.   The subject matter is vastly different.   

I did successfully make some liquid castille soap and even some puppy shampoo this week!  I am wholesaling both of these to local vendors.

Au reviors, mon amis!  Je t'aime!

One day, very soon, I will reveal what all the French Vernacular is all about!!!!!!!!   

But that







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Sandra said...

kitchen looking good and love your baker's rack! Brings back memories to see the pics of your work spot.

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