Monday, December 27, 2010

So I'm on "Vacation" but I cannot rest?

G'day Maties!   I hope you all had the best Christmas ever!

After running, and running, and running some more in the time which elapsed before Christmas,
 my little family of three woke up on Christmas morning, and sauntered downstairs.
It wasn't snowing, or raining but the sun wasn't shining either.
It was cold outside, and the sky was grey.

That might sound a bit dismal to you, but cold and gray weather puts me in a
kind of really cool mood; it kind of winds me down and mellows me out, 
to borrow an expression from the 60s...hee hee!

The first thing after coffee we had to do was to wrap presents.
The Taylors, really do need to feel sorry for them.
Holidays we kinda flunk every year.

So anyways, we wrapped presents on Christmas morning.

Before we could open them, though, we did fulfill one Taylor Family Tradition:

we listened to the Perry Como Christmas Album

that I listened to when I was a little girl.   
He tells the full story of Christmas according to the Gospel of Luke
Chapter 2, and inserts Christmas Carols in between the verses.  
It is  my absolute favorite childhood memory!
We listened, me with tissues, and closed eyes, 
savoring the precious story of our Savior, Jesus' Birth and humble beginnings. 
 We sat for a moment and savored this memory and tradition as a family.

Then...we opened presents!

and the Big Present This year was for my darling daughter, Casey.   She got this:

yes, an electric guitar and amp!  She was so excited!

I got some black high heels from my darling husband, Joe. and some sorely needed
mineral eye shadow and purple smoky eye pencil  from my daughter.   

It is kind of hard to describe, but the peaceful feeling that morning was so visceral.
We just basked in each other's company, relishing the fact that there was nothing we had to do, 
nowhere we had to go, and nobody we had to see.  Just us three.

This year has been a whirlwind.  Time has flown like never before.  I still
cannot grasp how it has passed so quickly.  

This month we sold a litter of 5 beautiful Mini schnauzers.  Just in time for Christmas!

I was SO grateful both the time that they were born, and also for the 
amount of people looking for them on    On Monday of Christmas week,
we still had 4 to sell and I was slightly panicked that our ad was going to be overlooked, but the phone began to absolutely ring off the hook and by Christmas Eve, all but one little pookie was left!
She cried all night, so we got up and put her in our bed.
If you have never snuggled with a little puppy, let me tell you, the only thing better is 
your very own tiny baby!  So soft and sweet!

Here is a picture of my friend, Lindsay Summerlin Munson.   I am so glad one of our
babies is going to a friend who lives close by!   

The other wonderful thing that I have to report is that I got a friend to come and
help me the last two weeks before Christmas.   Chanda if you read this, you actually saved my life and my sanity over the last month!  Thank you for going above and beyond in your love and service to my business and to me! I love you!

We actually got to "babysit" two of our grand daughters as I call them:  Snowy and Bella 
This is my favorite picture of them running in their backyard.  I actually hand delivered Snowy last March, and then had to bottle feed her to keep her alive.   That was an experience that I will never forget!
But now she is thriving!  God never ceases to amaze me at His wonderful creation!
Sometimes life seems so fragile, and at other times, so indestructible too.  Snowy was one of those "fighters" who just refused to die no matter what the odds.

Anyways, alot has happened in this month!   We are still selling at the local market on Saturdays, come rain or shine!   A couple of weeks ago we got to be part of a big celebration that the The City of Conroe did for Christmas.   Here are some pictures of my booth there:

I think it is starting to look like a real business with real branded product and overall I am pleased although there is always ALOT of room for improvement!

So now, this week I am "resting".....but it is hard!
On one hand, my body is tired, and needs rest.
But on the other, I am so energized by what has been 
happening and the excitement of taking off finally.

So what am I doing?    Here is a microcosm of my brain:
well, not that well ordered and neat of course.....
way more artistic things are happening in my brain as well....

So I am filled with a passion and zest to run run and run some more!

But not until I take a wee bit of time and look out over the 
horizon, and reflect, and think, and mull over, recant and plan.

My friend, Anne-Marie, has been a big part of this part of my journey.

Every year, this time, she writes posts and she knows what she is talking about. 
As the CEO of her own Company and a successful millionaire in her own right at the ripe
old age of 32, she writes about planning, goals, and business development.

Why don't you take a hop on over to her blog?   You may find something vital to your success
this year; whether it is ministry, a band, a new business, or a new family or even relationship!
There is great power in taking stock and evaluating our successes and failures!  

Day 1 of her Mini Series called "Designing Your Best Year Ever" can be found here.

Day 2 can be found here.

I highly recommend this reading!

My friend, this was kind of a jumbled post, but I felt compelled to write.   

May this time be a time of rest, recuperation, and reflection for YOU, my friend!  Let's take off our glasses, wipe them clean, close our eyes, and dream again!  Let's write down the vision that we may "run".   And after running for awhile, let's take out our compass to see where we may have gotten a bit off course, and then re-direct ourselves back afresh!     

I love you, my friend!   And for's beddy bye time!  Hee hee!

Oh, one last picture and a bit of a puzzle for you:
This picture was taken 12/26/10.  
Do YOU see anything amiss in this picture?

Comment, if you DARE!


Anne-Marie said...

First of all, that photo of Snowy is the cutest thing ever. It just made my heart melt. And as for Perry Como, you make me laugh =)

Glad that you're working on your goals along with me! I love the company. It's way more fun to do this together. Here's to our best year EVER!

Lindsay said...

so you had a naked tree....WHO cares :) you had a lovely Christmas morning and that's ALLLLLLLLLL that matters!

I really have enjoyed getting to know you this year and seeing your passionate heart on your sleeve. You are overwhelmingly inspiring.

and your little pup is just PERFECT for our family. She is the best dog ever and i tell her hourly it seems. just love our little nina grey. LOVE her!

Kelly Taylor said...

Aww! You are overwhelminly inspiring too, both of you leading ladies!

Lindsay, I am so glad you love your puppy. We love providing cuddly furry balls of delight for deserving families!

Anne-Marie, thank you for your blog posts and for all the passion that you share daily! Hugs to both of you!

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