Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gearing Up: The Most Wonderful Time - of the Year!

Hi Everyone!

We've been hard at work here in Santa's Workshop (aka, Cassia's Kitchen!)   On any given day, there are smells wafting through here bringing smiles and sighs, and expressions of pleasure from mainly me.   (LOL!)

Soap has been filling (literally) all horizontal spaces!  My mom used to do the same thing.  Guess I inherited this propensity from her, rest her soul.  Hers was a very avid, keen and inquiring mind.   Daily reading the entire Los Angeles times, her quest for learning caused her to save all kinds of clippings.  Me, I 'm just disorganized.    "Outta sight, outta mind" is one of my expressions; lamely excusing my distaste for filing and lack of organizational planning.   Oh, well, maybe one day I can hire a professional organizer.   But until then, all plans are laid out where I can see 'em!

Which leads me to the unveiling of my latest organizational acquisition and merger:  the baker's rack purchased at a restaurant supply and auction site here in our town!  Woo Hoo for Conroe, TX!
Dave, the owner, and his lovely wife Kathryn buy soap from me every week at the Conroe Saturday AM Market which is in the new parking lot on the Corner of Metcalf & Main in downtown Conroe, TX!  Come out and see us sometime!  I've been eyeing Dave's sundries in his shop and there are some equipment pieces that I hope to acquire someday as we expand our operations.   

I have found that it's a whole lot easier to think clearly and have a sense of peace when working if I keep the work area clean!  A whole lot of time can be wasted looking for things buried under other things.   There's no time to waste as Christmas fast approaches.  

My new baker's rack with 20 spaces for racks (I purchased all the store had: 10 racks) can probably hold up to approximately 500 bars of soap.  I plan on filling this up daily to get ready for numerous parties, market days and website sales.    Woo Hoo!   It's been fun!   

Other news is that my new friend Anna is buying soap to stock her lovely boutique and that boutique is right here in town as well.  Every week I deliver once and even twice.   I wish I had a picture to show you of her display of my products there.  I am SO thrilled that a beautiful lady like Anna would want to purchase from me and that she keeps me busy!   Bring me more Anna's Lord!   About 20 more would do just nicely!

Other than that, I am cookin' up a plan that is bigger than anything I have attempted so far;  a Holiday Products Launch and Open House........HERE!  Yikes!   I want to invite business leaders and target customers to enjoy hors d'oeuvres, wine, music and a walk through of Cassia's Kitchen.  Eliciting the help of my friends, I hope to have at least all the horizontal surfaces and several tables stockpiled by color and fragrance with cash and carry and a 15% discount.    I can SEE IT in my mind.   I want to mail color postcards to all my neighbors, friends and contact.  WHEW!  It's alot of work but I think it's totally do-able! I would like to also afford the opportunity to some friends who are complementary of my industry and let them also showcase their business and products as well.   Up to 4 vendors.   More on that - later!

My timer just went off, so I have to run; my new Spa Salt Bar with Sage, Cedar, Orange, Tangerine, Spruce and Peppermint Essential Oils is ready for me to put in the mold!   

So long for now, and thank you, dear reader for stopping by!  You just don't know how it makes my day to have your visit!


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Anne-Marie said...

You're right the busy holiday season is upon us. More rack space should be a great help! Congrats on getting soap in the boutique too! How fun :)

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