Saturday, October 9, 2010

Donna Maria Said So - Test Test

My friend, Donna Maria from the Indie Beauty Network has been preaching about the benefits of blogging. My heart brain and soul have been devoid of inspiration lately, except for the random recipe which excites my personal tastebuds. But she insists just write. Write, write. So what is it sounds stupid? If no one is reading, she said, what does it matter? OK, OKay so here goes. Today she got me with this graphic from Wordle. Fun fun, so I copied and pasted her Wordle. Below, you will find words describing the many benefits of blogging, if you have a business, or even if you are just a person.

I love you, Donna Maria.  Is that OK?  You challenge me to my limits.  And when I want to give up, you challenge me again.

So, here you go! I am off to watch the movie, Secretariat with my daughter, the beautiful, talented and magnanimous Casey Grace. She has a passion for all things horse, and I want her to feel special and treasured so we will go. I have heard that you need to bring a handkerchief due to the heartfelt nature of the movie. I love those kind!

See you around the blogosphere soon! As I learn, again, how to blog. Even if it sounds stupid!


Wordle: The Many Benefits Of Blogging

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Beth said...

Your friend is absolutely right. You just have to start writing. It really does get better, and after a while, you're imagining in your head how you're going to tell your "audience" about what you're doing. It's great.

I read a lot of blogs, which also helps my inspiration, and one that i read is ThePioneerWoman. She has like 40,000 readers or something to that effect, so when she posted some tips for bloggers, i paid attention.

I'm glad you're blogging. Don't worry; no one reads the stupid ones. ;) HAha!

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