Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year! What are your resolves this year?

Here I am again, apologizing.   Not a good way to start the New Year, is it?   Here it is, January 5th and life is already back in full swing.  Not a moment to waste, lose, or see vanish away.

I comment every day on a blog that has helped me tremendously in this past year. I posted my resolves on Anne-Marie's blog, and now I post them again for you:

1) work smarter and not harder.
2) be proactive and not reactive
3) streamline processes
4) get radical about keeping my contributions promises. Maybe radical sowing will bring radical reaping.
5) declutter. i am a rabid ratholing packrat that has taken the post consumer packaging, eco friendly thing just a tad too far.  I wish I had a picture of the cabin where I kept all my packaging supplies! 
6) take the space otherwise used for post consumer packaging materials and turn THAT into my studio so my family can have a life and I can have peace and we can all eat on the kitchen table again. :) (anyone else know what I mean lol?)

These are mainly my business goals; there are other more intimate and personal goals for my personal life.  

What are your goals this year?  Can you share them with  us?  Maybe we can learn together and help one another to keep the things which we aim to do this Year!

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