Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Follow the Star!

Follow the Star!

Two millenia ago, three Wise Men saw something in the heavens. A spectacular, cataclysmic, cosmic event so singular; so enthralling, that it caused them to pack a caravan and go West, go West, go West. Following, following; seeking, seeking.

Do you know that is is estimated that it took these three very very Wise men, Magi; leaders and seers, two whole years to travel by camel to see what they saw? Oh, my aching back just to think of the discomfort, the perils, the thirst, and the hunger that drove them on.

What faith, what bravery, what action they took. Convinced of a greater Reality than what they were experiencing; they sought Substance, Truth, Presence.

And when they saw, they bowed. Opening gifts carefully selected and those only befitting a true King; they humbly gave Tribute and Obeisance to the One.

Wear the fragrance reminiscent of this time in history, when Kairos changed forever; when His Story entered the earth realm and whole choirs of heavenly host proclaimed, "Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth Peace to Men of Good Will".

I custom blended this fragrance myself; the culmination of my musings over this period in history; the fragrances prized and used in temple ceremonies and in the chambers of ancient kings; even the smells of the campfires warming the Magi as they ate a simple supper alone in the desert wilderness. This combination of fragrance and essential oils was carefully blended, and you will recognize the quality when you sample!

Exotic tears of Frankincense & Myrrh, with Arabian spices, and precious drops of Spikenard. Lightened with the sweetest notes of oatmeal milk & honey, with citrus zest & turbinado sugar.

Will be presented in a gold organza bag with fragrance description card enclosed.

My friend, may this Christmas find you rejoicing in He who sent The Star that heralded His Story to all of heaven and earth; and may your life be fragrant as Cassias Kitchen.

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Anne-Marie said...

Wow! The fragrance sounds INCREDIBLE and so intoxicating. The description is luscious - you have quite the way with words.

Kelly Taylor said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie!
Merry Christmas to you and Chris and Mom and Dad!

Kelly Taylor said...

and Cherisse and Elf too :)
oh and of course the neice dog.

Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

Just beautiful Kelly :) :O :D

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Dawnaurora said...

Wow! That sounds wonderful Kelly. I love the story behind the wise men. I have been reading about the star of bethlehem.
XXoo Dawnie

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