Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All the Colors of the Rainbow

When I was a little girl, I used to play with color. Color fascinated me. No, I would absolutely NOT accept a box of 8 Crayolas, or 16 Crayolas, or 24 Crayolas, or even 48. It HAD to be the 64 Crayolas! With hawk like precision, I studied their myriad of names, colors, effects and even placement in the 3 tiered box. Memorizing the names and placing them lovingly back into their box; back into the order and placement of the manufacturer, they HAD to be in perfect order.

A tad obsessive, no? Well, maybe, but I love Color! Later, in teen years that translated over into makeup, of course. Hours and hours perusing, devouring beauty magazines. Studying, gazing at all the pretty hues, variants, effects, of the color spectrum.

One of my first jobs in high school was working in an art studio. I got to meet lots and lots of artists and we sold all the acrylic paints and watercolors and brushes that they used in painting.

Then I graduated into sewing; making wall hangings and using fabrics at my church in pageantry. I loved to go to the fabric store and look at all the pretty colors! Sometimes I would buy the fabric just because it was so dang pretty!

Then I faux painted two bathrooms. Well that was an experiment in color, and light, and sheen, and texture! Oh, what fun an artist must surely have!

Now, I am making soap. And this has stirred the love of color in me, and together with the love of fragrance, and the love of light, and the love of texture, the art of making soap has captured my heart! I never understood the magic until well, just recently. And, now I am forever hooked. All kinds of projects are up my sleeve, and I have only to get into my kitchen and begin making all the different "scapes" that have come to my imagination. Sea scapes. Food scapes, botanical garden scapes. Well, you get the idea!

Today I finally made this project that has been bugging me for about 4 months. It took me the greater portion of the afternoon making and coloring and scenting and pouring and testing all the different layers. I searched for a fragrance that would depict the joy of color and the joy of summer in a cohesive theme and came up with Banana, Strawberry and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. It smells magical! And, I am pleased.

The rainbow, my friend, is a symbol placed in the Middle Eastern skies over Noah as he disembarked the ark so long ago. It is a symbol of God's patience and covenant with man; and a promise that He would never again flood the earth! Don't we all smile when we see a rainbow, after nature has washed our world with the needed rains!

Today, my friend, I wish you color, and fragrance, and joy, and most of all, God's Love shining down on your life and radiating to you and enfolding you in His everlasting Arms. May you catch the rainbow that is hung at the end of every storm that shows itself in this short life that we share!

Get your fresh slice of the rainbow in my shop for $3.00 through the 24th, or $4.50 regular price. Special for you: 3 for $10.00

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Joy! said...

are they candles or soaps...... ?

Anonymous said...

oh goodness me, the look delicious!!!!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

I love them!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!! God has blessed you with such artistic talent!!!! May He bless your new business efforts as you enjoy His creation!!! Love you lots!!!

Breeze said...

OOOOOOOOOO. I want one!! How much?!

Anne-Marie said...

Ooohh Aahhh! Fabulous colors and the fragrance combination sounds heavenly =)

lindsey brooke said...

this is a nice post :)

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