Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time Out

"Honey, will you PLEASE take some time and straighten up this office?"

Well, I knew it was coming. Conscience told me. Even Common Sense told me. Finally my husband told me, "Please take some time and straighten up this office!" To which, I sweetly and readily, even enthusiastically concurred, "Yes!".

As office manager of this work space, it is my responsibility to keep order, propriety and peace in this small area we call our HeadQuarters. Unfortunately, three small puppies and an illustrious 11 year old also frequent the space.... especially since My Business Laptop crashed and burned last month. I will call her kitten, my 11 year old tries to monopolize the space where I now spend most of my time.
Here is my mail "Center". Ah-Hem! Not.

Every day I gather mail and stuff it here.

Usually once a month I go through it, open it, file it and trash the rest. I absolutely HATE mail.

But that's not the object of this post.

So I took the necessary time, all day yesterday to work on this space. It is still not finished, but peace is again reigning supreme in my heart. Did I mention, my 11 year old is away at a friend's house? Kitten, are you perhaps reading this post?

So now, here is the project at 50% completion. I can once again think clearly! Clutter is the conspirator against creativity.

Here is my desk:

Here is my husband's desk.

You might think, "What a silly post!" Well, I just became an author on another crafting site, and let me tell you, it is hilarious! I tell you, we creative people really do know how to make messes! Because when the creative mood strikes, watch out! It just keeps evolving and evolving and evolving. All consuming in nature, when creativity strikes, you have to strike out.

After all, leave all the orderliness for the left brain people who punch holes and use paper clips for a living!

Oh yeah, I are one of those too! And as my dear husband tells me, that is what pays the bills.
So cowgirl up katw0man and get a punchin' and a clippin' and an organization on!

Just had to post this. Progress, one day at a time!

Be blessed and enjoy this wonderful season of the Son!

On another good UpNote.....My labels from came today. Yay! Now I really have my work cut out for me!

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Viking Granny!!!! said...


Viking Granny!!!! said...

All I had to do was search for the comment link... I must have misplaced my glasses that day.....

Viking Granny!!!! said...

I really like your clean desks....

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