Monday, June 8, 2009

Sea Slices......I'm Dreamin' of the Car-i-bbean!

Summer Blues.....underwater seascape. Sea Slices

I guess I am having a dose of Summer Fever these Days!

I am dreaming of the Caribbean! Or the west coast where my
beloved Pacific thundering ocean is

or the Gulf of Thailand

or the Maldive Islands
or even Hawaii

I would even settle for the
murky, ankle washer, hurricane prone
Gulf of Texas. Deep Deep Sigh...

so yesterday I went into the kitchen
and made these sea slices!

For a first time, this advanced project turned out pretty good,

not perfect, but pretty good

Aren't they cute! They have sand, little embedded sea creatures, and even a top dressing of sea foam! Fragranced in Coconut Lime Verbena, and the Sea Foam is Salty Mariner!

Price: $4.75 by the slice

Or, 3 for $10.00

Wouldn't they be cute wedding or party favors?

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Heather - - said...

Those are so cute!! :)

Breeze said...

wow I want some
if you buy the 3 for 10 you save $4.25 good deal!!


France said...

These soaps are gorgeous!!!
btw, I saw your comment on Soap Queen and the people who sell her FOs in Australia have recipes similar to what you were asking about. go to their Formulary -> Bath Recipes -> and you'll see two recipes for Scrubby Scrubby Sugar Cubes! HTH!

Breeze said...

Kelly these soaps are so nice I LOVE to use mine! It takes up the HOLE soap dish but thats ok!! :D

supergrover2 said...

nice! is that the brambleberry mold? (saw you on AM's blog)

katw0man said...

Yes, I get most of my supplies from Brambleberry!

Thanks for visitig my blog!

I do not check my blog often enough.

Have a wonderful day and I love your soaps!

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