Sunday, May 3, 2009

perfecting the confection......continued

well, here is a picture of a perfect cupcake, and this is what i am shooting for. stay tuned for a cool give-a-way later this week. So yummy, so fun, so fragrant. I will give this to the lucky winner. Maybe include a roll on fragrance or a lotion to match! Spouses, siblings, beware! These are positively addictive! Selling for 4.75 each, but free to the lucky winner.

There will be ground rules and random awarding of this delicious confection, so please check in tomorrow!

OK, back to the kitchen! Au revoir mon amis!


KatGirl said...

HEY awesomes mosems!!! KEWL KEEP IT UP !

Sami... said...

cannot wait!

lindsey brooke said...

someday down the road (not in the too near future but someday) i might like to learn how to make soap... maybe you would be willing to teach me? :)

katw0man said...

someday down the road....
my darling friend!

when i get "good" enough to

you could teach me to sing
and i could teach you to make

how does THAT work in a cashless
so ci e teeee?

i would welcome the
opportunity to spend
any amount of time with your
my dear Psalm 46 friend! :)

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