Tuesday, May 5, 2009

frosting fiascos.....continued

whimsical cupcakes........ i like these

elegant cupckes...i really like these!!!!!

my cupcakes.....failed frosting......

ok, back to the drawing board and this time

follow the recipe!

This is a preview of my blog giveaway for Mom's only!

but first, a new batch of frosting!

One day, I will tell the hilarious, Erma Bombeck styled story of this,

but time is awastin' and I am determined to produce a bakery quality cupcake today that you would be proud to receive as a Mom on your special day!

Bath cuppie, that is! If you have not tried one of these, you are missing something truly great!

Be sure to check back later for details about this fab give away and your chance to win!

1 comment:

Casey said...

AWWWW, ill comment on your blog every day 2!!! loves! <3

>:) casey

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