Thursday, December 18, 2008

kitchen edition, premiere

Thank you, Beth! She just left an hour ago and in tote she had 12, count 'em 12! of my little kitchen editions, so cute. I spent about 1 1/2 hours making labels just for these little gems and now they're made. I am not a country crockery sort of person, but I will have to admit they were fun to make and fun to look at! Thanks, Beth! she got 4 flavors, hot apple pie, vanilla bourbon, christmas tree and dickens christmas, my personal all time favorite, right after hot apple pie!
they don't look as good here but i sure hope her friends will like them. we stood in my driveway and talked for quite awhile.
dinner is in oven and we will eat soon.
still so much to do!
finally our phone line got fixed. VOIP can be disastrous when it is down.
ok, more later,
tonight i will make some shimmering body butter sticks in designer fragrances.
also, am considering on making/mixing my own CASSIA blend tonight.
out friends!

1 comment:

Sami... said...

I like these too, I actually would like one in one of these you have anymore?

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